Time to take your locks to Gauldielocks!

If you’re looking to feel special and can’t “bear” the old you then why not spoil yourself with a new hairstyle from Gauldielocks? Taking the ordinary to special.


Owner of Gauldielocks, Stephanie Gauldie knows how to make you feel relaxed and renewed with your new style.

Stephanie started her career as an apprentice hairdresser in 1988 and graduated with honours as a Senior hairdresser in 1994, the same year she married the love of her life, Michael.

Stephanie now runs her own home-based business in Keperra which allows her to be there for their 6 children.

She loves working from home as it allows her a balance between work and family as well as a relaxed quiet spot for her look after her clients in a private setting.

Stephanie has traveled extensively and observed many diverse hairdressing salons allowing her to research what she wanted to provide within her salon for her clients. She has a desire to educate clients about making the right choices for them and to discuss this through with an in-depth consultation. She believes that the consultation is the foundation of every service. She offers an environment where the client feels informed and understood by having a conversation with them to find what best suits their needs whilst feeling nurtured. She ensures the client is always her first priority.
Stephanie loves being a north-side business, she has grown up in the local area and loves connecting with the wonderful people who live in her great local community.

Stephanie is a member of a number of local community groups and is a volunteer who coaches basketball at various local schools. She enjoys networking with other local business owners and building community relationships.

Stephanie’s vision for the future is to be part of a community that works together increasing a sense of social awareness. She would like to also see local parks used for social communal gardens, encouraging residents and their children to support and learn about appreciating where their food comes from, reducing wastewater and actively working together to give people a sense of purpose and belonging.

Stephanie said that recently she has made time to reflect on her life and that she has come to realise that life happiness is created and relationships evolve. With this in mind, she chooses to live an abundant life attitude and is grateful for all of the opportunities she has been afforded.

Gauldielocks is located at 14 Pearse Street, Keperra and open Thursday 9am - 5pm. Friday 9am - 5pm. Saturday 8am - 12pm. Bookings can be made on 0413 836336.


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