The Art of Following your Passion

How many of us wish that we could follow our passion? I love now that Artists of all kind can embrace their true self and follow their passions. Some like me take a little longer than others!


Around 3-4 years ago Gabrielle Conescu was working as a professional bookkeeper, when she started attending art classes. At the same time Gabrielle was attending classes in Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. At these classes, she worked out her strengths and decided to focus on them. She discovered she was more suited to work as an artist or teacher so after private art tutoring she decided to follow her passion and seeing her beautiful artwork I’m glad she did. Gabrielle creates unique pieces of art that radiates beauty with the intention of transforming day to day living spaces.

Gabrielle’s art connects her appreciation of beauty and nature and her positive emotions show through her artwork. She recognizes that emotional connection is important and from this she enjoys that her audience feel positive when they engage with it. Because of this she loves painting special commissions for her client’s individual needs. She enjoys getting to know people in a real and authentic way. “Most people are passionate about what they provide for others and I can appreciate their genuine desire to provide excellence”. Gabrielle believes that there is opportunity for everyone to step into what they love and create a business from it.

Being involved with small businesses all her life Gabrielle has found that working in a creative space has its own complexities. From this she has realized that having the right people on your team is important. She mostly works from home and exhibits her gorgeous artworks inside Vend Market Place, (Shop 29) 1768 Sandgate Road, Virginia. Gabrielle is looking at a social enterprise business model as her business grows and she is passionate about helping others living to their highest potential.

Drawing on her inner child Gabrielle said that her one wish would be to spend her time laughing and playing with paint all day with a bunch of big kids. Well we all can be young at heart!

Gabrielle’s vision for the future is that she is able to accomplish something as extraordinary as having her art in galleries around the world. She would love to see an appreciation for nature and all things beautiful as a priority in the world.

It is with much excitement that Gabrielle is launching her first solo art exhibition at Bramble Place Café and Lounge, 1 Loudon Street, Sandgate from Tuesday 29 January – 31st March. Gabrielle will be holding a special Launch on 8 February and you can contact her on 0403 729839 for further information on this.

Written by Robyn Baker, Busy Connecting

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