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September Real Estate Market Update

Hello, I’m Mary Di Marco from Madeleine Hicks real estate and I’d like to bring you the market roundup for September 2017 in the areas in which we predominate McDowall, Stafford Heights, Stafford and Everton Park.

In McDowall in September, there were 36 properties available to purchase of 5 properties sold. The highest price for a property was $585,000 which was 11 Peppard Street in McDowall and the lowest price was for a three-bedroom townhouse in Old Northern Road which sold for $365,000.

The low number of properties sold doesn’t mean that those properties aren’t popular. A lot of properties available in McDowall can be townhouses and sometimes there isn’t as big a demand for them.

Stafford Heights is the next suburb that I’d like to talk to you about, there were 23 properties available for sale of which 3 sold. The property at 49 Normanton Streets sold for $820,000, which is a fabulous price. It was a larger block over a thousand square meters. The lowest price sold was for a property at 83 Ringrose Street and that went for $535,000 dollars. It’s interesting that the properties in Stafford Heights are not being picked up by buyers as readily as some of the other suburbs. It could be the prices being asked aren’t considered to be of value to the buyers.

Stafford is a fabulous suburb, it has a lot of the post-war homes that were built as part of War Service. The highest price paid was for a home at 61 Appleby Road. This is a major road, however, this property would have had city views. It was on a 620 square meter block, however, it did sell for $877,000. There were 49 homes available for purchase in Stafford in September of which only 8 sold. The lowest price paid for the property was at 105 Jardine Street, which sold for $605,000. These are still very good prices in an older suburb that gives you easy access because it has all the amenities to the city and also there are good schools and hospitals around the area as well as good shopping centres.

My favorite suburb is Everton Park. I’ve lived there for a long time. The number of properties that were available for purchase in Everton Park in September was 75 of which 16 sold. Again these numbers can be a little bit deceptive. The number of units and townhouses available do skew these figures. The highest price paid for a property was at 9 Guinness Street at Everton Park. It sold for $641,000. The home at 19 Murch Street I listed and sold within a week and I had 3 offers on that property. It sold for $620,000 so good properties well presented will sell readily and there are buyers queuing up for them.

The market at the moment is very interesting. It’s a bit skittish at times due to indications that the property market is going up or coming down. The figures that are being presented by newspapers and banks and financial advisors are three months behind what the actual market is. If you see a property that you like, put in your offers, don’t miss out on it for a couple of thousand dollars. Put in your best offer, if someone else buys it for something above that price you won’t be upset because you didn’t miss out on it. You wouldn’t have paid that price.

I’d like to tell you about a fabulous property I’ve got at 17 Constancia Street Mitchelton. It’s on 1120m2 block. City views fabulously kept the family home. Post-war brick base chamber board and the property is just ripe for renovation. There are lots of new builds coming up.

If you looking for something very special whether you want to land bank the property or if you just want to buy a fabulous family home call me 0438 054227. I’m Mary DiMarco from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate.



Highest Sale Price: - $585,000Lowest Sale Price: - $362,000
Properties Sold: -  5Properties on the Market: - 36
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
11 Peppard St322613$585,000
4 Rafferty St432547not disc
51 Benning Pl422495$600,000
12 Paramount Cir412683$550,000
6/195 Old Northern Rd311576$362,000



Highest Sale Price: - $820,000Lowest Sale Price: - $535,000
Properties Sold: -  3Properties on the Market: - 23
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
49 Normanton St5121108$820,000
83 Ringrose St311647$535,000
124 Wilgarning St412612not disc



Highest Sale Price: - $877,000Lowest Sale Price: - $456,000
Properties Sold:- 8Properties on the Market:-  49
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
61 Appleby Rd634620$877,000
53 Barokee St322653$716,000
16 Canonbar St312632$672,000
14 Tathra St311610$643,500
105 Jardine St311607$605,000



Highest Sale Price: - $641,000Lowest Sale Price:- $325,000
Properties Sold:-  16Properties on the Market:- 75
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
9 Guinness St422577$641,000
19 Murch St521610$620,000
4 Cayley St322584$590,000
23 Venning St321135$567,000
42 Mountridge St312607$540,000
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