Queens of the Desert – Sassy Seniors shake their tail feathers for Farmers

By popular demand, Hot Inspirations is returning to Toowoomba on 7 September 2018 to help our farmers by giving you a fun night of entertainment and raising funds at the same time for the Buy a Bale of Hay charity which delivers feed to where it is most needed. We often perform in bowls clubs – many of which are struggling or closing down. Everybody wins you, the farmers, the Club and us – we get to stay fit and active while having fun.

The troupe is made up of three feisty women: Joy Darmody, Rana Jewell, and Kristy Ulla. “We present a variety cabaret show and donate a percentage of all ticket sales to a charity or local community project or person – it’s a mix of solos, duos and trios performing a song, dance, comedy and instrumental to a range of music from the 40s to the 70s,” says Jewell. As one fan wrote to us: “you create a community” and another: “I love your social enterprise business model, doing good and having fun while earning a living.”

This is a show you have to experience to appreciate. So often we hear “oh my goodness if I’d known the cabaret was going to be this much fun, I would have brought more friends with me” or “No-one likes where we are heading (old age) but you make light of it and your costumes are to die for!” and “you lift our spirits!”

Jewell says: “We do both private and charity gigs. In the past 2 years, we’ve raised and donated $ 4,036.85 to various charities and local families in need. It is our dream to travel and take our show out to rural Queensland and direct to the farming community. One of our fans has already designed our banner – Lifting the Spirits of the West.”

Barbara from Tamborine Mountain adds: “it's not a show you sit back and watch up on the stage - you make us part of the show - it's like being in your lounge room at a top party!”

What: Hot Inspirations Farmers’ Cabaret
When: Friday 7 September 2018, Show commences 7.00pm
Where: Souths on Hume, Sth Toowoomba Bowls Club, 331 Hume Street
Price: $15 pre-paid, $20 at the door (pre-show Club Meals extra – from 5.45 pm)
Tickets: For cash at Souths on Hume, or online: www.stickytickets.com.au/73118

For further Comment:
Contact: Rana Jewell
Phone: 0408 510 001
Email: hotinspirations3@gmail.com

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