When you love what you do and you do what you love is it ever really working?

When Justin and Stevie arrived from Townsville in 2011 they decided to do what they normally did by exercising every morning before work in their local park. Before too long they had others exercising with them and training on a daily basis. Spurred by an off the cuff remark by one of their gang, a seed was planted and by 2014 Sweatmonkey was in swing full time.

The unique name of Sweatmonkey came from the fourth or fifth glass of wine. Justin and Stevie wanted a name which reflected them by showing that they didn’t take themselves too seriously. And of course, after a few wines, they found their name to match their calling. Sweat being something that happens to get fit and strong and monkey from all the monkeying around and the cool things they do within their community.

Justin and Stevie see it as their mission to make people fit and strong whilst finding their adventurous spirit and sharing amazing adventures throughout South East Queensland, Australia, and the World. Their training philosophy is that strength is a skill like any other which is improved with practice. They are proud members of the StrongFirst community and their workout programming reflects this ethos. Their belief is that by using our strength and fitness to create experiences is the reason that we should all work out because it’s experiences, not things that enrich our lives. They don’t believe in shortcuts and more than a little each day trumps lots every now and then. Sensible training, having a plan and measuring your progress is what will get you losing weight, gaining muscle and feeling fantastic, the sooner you will get off the up and down merry go round of health and fitness. They believe that where you work out and go for training, it will be the community that you stay for. The Sweatmonkey community is people just like you who have embraced the process of practicing strength, love having a laugh whilst working out and especially love putting their fitness to good use by having amazing adventures. They eat cake on birthdays and genuinely have fun.

They love having fun with their fitness and hiking and sea kayaking is what they love to do. Regular hikes are held in our own backyard of Bunya State Forest, the D’Aguilar National Park, and Enoggera Reservoir area. They hold frequent bush walks in the local area for everyone, not only Sweatmonkey members. They also love the further afield longer hikes and do a two-day hike on the Great Cooloola Walk or the entire Cooloola walk, the Larapinta trail or The Overland Track in Tasmania. The cherry on the top of their hiking adventures are the bucket list hikes like Africa’s highest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu in Peru. Trips are planned for Peru in September this year and Tasmania early next year. They also love sea kayaking adventures to the world’s best destinations, which are in our backyard as well, along with our amazing Queensland Coast, the islands of Stradbroke, Moreton, Bribie and Fraser and they tell me that they do put on a great adventure experience.

Sweatmonkey is a place where fitness is for life and adventure and that there’s no point in training like an Olympic athlete unless you are one. They believe that life is about experiences and not things and that happiness comes from our experiences.

Justin and Stevie love Sweatmonkey being a local northside business as we have such amazing areas to walk and kayak right on our doorstep and the community of local people who love getting out and about to experience our magnificent countryside. They also enjoy the strong small business ethos and the support locals give to all small businesses in the area.

Sweatmonkey support and sponsor local charity events. The most recent was Fresh Start which is a dog rescue organisation. They often have teams participating in events such as the Kokoda Challenge and raise funds for those organisations by putting on BBQs and training events.

Their vision for the future is to be a place where people go to get strong and fit, to be a one-stop shop for fitness and adventure. Their childhood wish is to kayak in the Antarctic and see the incredible wildlife and spectacular scenery on offer.

Sweatmonkey Fitness and Adventure Centre is located at 4/39 Queens Road, Everton Hills and is open from 5.15am-11am and 4pm-7.30pm daily except for Tuesday which is only open from 4pm-7.30pm. They also train outdoors at the Pine Hills Hockey Club.


Written by Robyn Baker, Busy Connecting

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