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What would you like to see from this election?

With the 2017 State election set down for November 25, we are already half way through the campaign.

So what does that mean for the local area.

Queensland is divided into 93 state electoral districts. In a state government election you are voting for a representative who will make decisions and choices about issues that affect all Queensland residents. Some would argue that the State governments are the most important in delivering the day to day services that we all need and enjoy. Some of the responsibilities of state government representatives include:

  • health, ambulance and hospital services
  • employment and education services
  • transport, planning and infrastructure
  • tourism, events and the arts
  • rural and regional development
  • family and community support and development services.

There are 3 electorates in our region Aspley, Everton  and Stafford

Tracey Davis is the sitting member for the LNP in Aspley, Tim Mander is the LNP member for Everton and Dr Anthony Lynham the Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural resources and Mines is the sitting member for the ALP in Stafford.Everton Park election

We have seen some promises being made with $10M being made available for the refurbishment and upgrade of the 30 year old Everton Park High School.  This is a welcome injection into a school at only a few years ago was set to be closed.

Whilst last week both major parties announced that $26m would be made available to ease congestion at the South Pine and Stafford Rd intersection.  The plan is to build a new link road from Stafford Rd to South Pine Rd just to the east of the old Masters building.  The land is already available so it just needs to be done.

For anyone that travels through this intersection you know only too well how slow it can be, so Village Buzz is pleased that finally something might be done here.

During an election campaign it seems that the politicians or want to be politicians start to listen to what the people are saying, so lets record all of your good ideas and see if we can get some common sense to prevail.


Tell us what you would like to see happen in our local areas.

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  1. Allan Jackson
    Allan Jackson says:

    I see the LNP is pledging to freeze car rego charges for families but what about discounting them for people receiving Centerlink support? I believe that holders of Federal Government Healthcare Cards receive discounts in other states but in Qld only seniors get it. Even paying for six months rego is more than a whole week’s income. I know of at least one case where the yearly rego charge is more than the cost of the person’s car.


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