How to keep your Facebook page active and engaging

Imagine if your Facebook page was a brick and mortar store and your posts were the products on the shelves. Would your store be inviting to a customer? Would your products be shiny, attractive, fresh and interesting... or would you products be old, dusty and abandoned?

For your Facebook business page to engage your audience you have to keep it active. That means posting interesting, informative, inspiring material on a REGULAR basis. Facebook actually rewards business pages that have highly engaged followers.

What is an engaged follower?

An engaged Facebook follower is one who likes and shares your posts, comments on them and even tags others. Your engaged followers may already be customers or raving fans, or they might just be passing through your page as they saw a post they liked. If you don’t have more posts they can relate to, they’ll leave until the next time you can grab their attention.

The key then is to have you page filled with posts that entertain, educate and engage your target market. Most importantly, engaged followers become customers. And that’s what you want, right?

But keeping up the content on your page can be hard work. I’ll get to a solution soon!

First you need to understand what you’re up against.

Facebook have made it harder to engage... for a reason

Facebook has reduced the reach of our posts. But why would they do that? Isn’t it supposed to be a platform that’s all about connecting people?

Simple - Facebook wants us to pay!!

Facebook is a business after all - a BIG business. They’ve given us a free ride for a really long time. Now we need to open up our wallets if we want our stuff to be seen.

It’s no use wanting it to be different, that’s the reality.

Facebook still offers up one of the cheapest forms of digital advertising. Have you looked at the cost of Google AdWords recently? Some keywords are almost $60 per click! Facebook ads will set you back between $1 and $3 per click, or if you’re a clever marketer, sometimes as low as 25 cents per click.

Trust me though, with 2.27 billion monthly active users, Facebook doesn’t have a problem with self-worth and will continue upping their prices to as high as the market will bear.

Let’s try then to beat them a little at their own game!

One easy way to increase engagement on your page

This is super simple and yet so many businesses overlook it.

Are you ready?

Post inspirational and motivational quotes!

You heard it. Much as you might be over them, millions upon millions of daily likes, shares and comments on these pretty little memes prove that people still love them.

Quotes can help to fill your Facebook business page with fresh, interesting, inspiring content that will engage your audience.

When you add your business logo and/or website to a quote that gets shared, you are marketing your business at no extra cost!

Facebook page

3 steps to making inspirational quotes – for free

  1. Think of a theme that aligns with your business. For example, if you’re in the real estate industry that could be ‘new home’ or ‘real estate’ or ‘my own home.’
  2. Type in your theme to Google eg: ‘new home quotes’ and your search will turn up a MASSIVE amount of quotes to choose from. Cut and paste your favourites and save in a document.
  3. Sign up to a free account on Canva. Here’s where you get creative. Canva has plenty of design templates you can use. They’re even sized for the various social media platforms! Choose one of their free images, add your quote text, upload and add your logo and then save and download.

There you have it – your very own, branded inspiration quote ready to post to your Facebook or Instagram page!

How often should you post quotes?

Once a week - on top of your other social media posts - is often enough to post an inspirational quote to your page. More than that and people will get bored.

You might even consider posting on a specific day so your audience looks forward to them – Motivational Monday is a great way to start the week!

Here’s an even easier way to get branded quotes for your page

If you like the idea of having a branded quote on your page every week but you don't really have the time to muck around with finding quotes, scrolling through images, creating the designs and uploading them to your page, I have a solution!

Grab some Social Swipes from me!

Social Swipes are motivational and inspirational quotes that are created especially for you to target your industry! I have a huge and growing library of quote themes to suit many businesses:

  • real estate agents
  • financial planners
  • lawyers
  • coaches
  • marketers
  • team leaders
  • education providers
  • career and employment agencies
  • beauticians and
  • hairdressers

with loads more being added every week!

Every Social Swipe is branded with your logo and scheduled by me to appear on your Facebook page once a week for SIX MONTHS!

Imagine the time you’ll save with one less post to think about every week. It will also keep you page connecting, engaging and thriving. These feel-good quotes are designed to be shared which means more reach for your business... without the need to advertise!

Contact me today and let’s get your Facebook engagement happening!


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