If you quiet the mind the soul will speak

If you quiet the mind the soul will speak.

With this in mind, I wondered whatever happened to My Spirit in all the redevelopment of Chermside Shopping Centre? Well, I’ve found them at Old Petrie Town.

My Spirit’s birthplace was in Chermside Shopping Centre and is now positioned in the heart of Old Petrie Town within the charming “Todd’s Cottage” which was built in 1880. Walking around inside this quaint building you can feel an energy resonating within and Kim said that it encompasses a high vibrational energy which has been experienced by the many people and spirits who have passed through it.

There are three separate rooms within filled to the brim with crystal energy, tarot/oracle cards, semiprecious sterling silver jewelry, alternative books, ambient music as well as spiritual giftware all guaranteed to enlighten and soothe the soul. Owner Kim has a team of professional holistic practitioners who utilise the various sacred healing spaces available within My Spirit and Old Petrie Town. They offer relaxation and soul connection through specialised group workshops, meditation, yoga, reiki treatments, training and Reiki share afternoons, holistic counseling, naturopathy, spiritual art, tarot and numerology readings and spiritual art. incorporated a unique gift boutique with specialist spiritual healing services.

Kim has a background in Community Services including 10 year’s experience with the Australian Red Cross. Her passion has always been to help vulnerable people in need and now she shines at My Spirit where it allows her the platform to express her own vision for an aware and inclusive society.

My Spirit continues to offer its long-term and new customers with all their favourites plus new and exciting spiritual gift products and resources. This is now enhanced by the inclusion of their Spiritual Healing Services which is perfectly suited within the ambiance of Old Petrie Town.

Kim and My Spirit support the local community and have become a hub of connectivity to all. It is a safe and supported haven of peace, to share, connect and be your authentic self. They often donate proceeds of their special events such as Reiki Share Days to the Children of Nepal. They also actively contribute to the greater network of their Old Petrie Town community events which are held there.

Kim’s vision for the future is to grow My Spirit’s capacity and the services offered to reach more people and to continue to make a difference in the wider community. Her one wish is in life to live holistically off the grid and to create a soul family community.

My Spirit offers a vibrant hub of spiritual connectivity to all like-minded souls seeking spiritual advancement and is open for shopping Wednesday to Saturday 10am-2pm and Sunday (Market Day) 8am-2pm. Weekly Offerings include - Wednesday 9-10am Group Meditation with Kim, Thursday 9-10am Rhythm/Yin Yoga with Chrissie and Saturday 9-10am Flow Yoga with Mel.

Their next major annual event is on the weekend of 1st and 2nd December at which My Spirit will be hosting for the 4th consecutive year a weekend workshop with international guest Spiritual Healer Patrick Zeigler who will be presenting All Love Brisbane. This is to be a weekend of spiritual growth and healing through love.

The new and improved My Spirit is located at 901 Dayboro Road, Whiteside in the peaceful setting of Old Petrie Town.

As they say at My Spirit I hope this has connected with you, Namaste.

Written by Robyn Baker, Busy Connecting

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