Women in Business – Danni Lopez, your local McDowall Head Hunter

Women in Business

Women in Business

I’m always intrigued to find out how businesses are born and this week’s feature is about a woman with a heart of gold who saw a need in the community and decided it needed to be filled.

Danni Lopez owns and runs Coral Recruitment Solutions.

After many years recruiting for large corporations and government departments, Danni saw a need for a recruitment service that was more accessible to smaller businesses who needed to take people on but either didn’t have the budget, the time or the expertise to do this effectively.

Danni made the decision to be based locally in McDowall so that she could really focus on and get to know her local area and the wide variety of businesses in the community. As a small business, she understands the many challenges that business face when it comes to finding and recruiting staff.

Since Coral Recruitment Solutions started Danni has worked closely with many businesses in the area as well as some interstate to help them build their teams. Coral has been growing mainly due to word of mouth which is a great testament to her business.

Coral Recruitment Solutions exists to help businesses find staff. Danni offers a number of solutions for business owners and managers – whether that’s conducting an advertising campaign or going out and searching for the right person, or something in between.

They see themselves as an alternative to traditional recruitment agencies and they can provide the expertise without the hefty price tag. Coral Recruitment Solutions model is based on a fee for service rather than an expensive candidate placement fee so they are never chasing commissions. Their focus is always to help their clients find the best people for their team.

Danni loves being a Northside business and the great sense of community here where everyone wants to help each other out. There is also a thriving economy and it’s great to get to know the different businesses and be part of their growth. It also means that she can provide a real personalised service, something that you don’t always get a chance to do being based in the CBD or working with large corporate or government clients.

Danni gives back to the community in many ways and one has been by taking part in “Year 12 Speed Recruiting” at Earnshaw State College which she found was a great experience to meet some enthusiastic and promising high school leavers.

She also supports Inclusive Volunteering, which is a Mitchelton based not-for-profit organisation who offer job-ready programs for disabled school leavers. She also assists them with providing resume writing, job application, and interview skills workshops.

Danni also has taken part in a number of charity events supporting MS QLD, Ramsey Health Care, and Oxfam.

Danni’s vision for the future is to grow her own team so that she can help more businesses on Brisbane’s north side find great people.

As a kid Danni always wanted to work with animals - so her one wish is to be able to spend some time in Madagascar hanging out with the lemurs!

Coral Recruitment Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that has access to a number of tools to actively source and headhunt candidates. It is run on an affordable flat fee model and Danni can accommodate businesses with any role in any industry. She is hardworking and available Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm to help small businesses with their recruitment needs.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

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Are you prepared for life’s financial turning points?

We face a series of widely-shared financial turning points during our lives. Yet how we handle them obviously differs widely.

Financial turning points include receiving our first pay, joining our first super fund, leaving home for the first time and entering a personal relationship.

Among the others are buying our first (second or third) home, dealing with serious illness in our families, coping with a partner’s death, losing our job and eventually retiring.

A decision to begin saving seriously to meet our long-term goals and the creation of our first financial plan are high among our key financial milestones.

Thinking about the feasibility of ‘downsizing’ to a smaller home as we age is becoming more common and finding suitable age care is climbing higher in the list of life events with the ageing of the population.

There are straightforward ways to help prepare for financial turning points such as budgeting, saving, investing, obtaining adequate insurance, considering quality professional advice when necessary and estate planning.

How we cope as investors with sharply rising or sharply falling investment markets can be a life-changing event. Investors who set an appropriately- diversified strategic portfolio, and who remain disciplined and focused on their long-term goals are best-placed to cope with market upheavals.

Taylor Financial Advice and Solutions located at The Gap, offers the community, free workshops to educate you on how to prepare for life’s financial turning points. This is purely an educational workshop and guests will have the option to explore their financial advice services.

JUNE Workshops: 

Tuesday, 12 June - How to Manage Your Cash Flow Workshop
pm - 6pm @ Taylor Financial Advice and Solution
Shop  35, The Gap Village Shopping Centre, 1000 Waterworks Rd, The Gap.
If you're struggling with budgeting or fill ill-prepared for life's major turning points like buying a house, taking your dream holiday, or getting married?

We'll show you how to:

- understand your own priorities in regards to saving, and set clear and realistic goals

- use comprehensive software to analyse and manage your spending

- approach a variety of saving and investing tools


Wednesday, 13 June - How to Grow Your Money Workshop
0am - 11am @ Taylor Financial Advice and Solution
Shop  35, The Gap Village Shopping Centre, 1000 Waterworks Rd, The Gap.


Would you like to know how to maximize your retirement income so you can enjoy life now and also during retirement?
We'll show you how to:

- minimise the optional death tax on your pension so you can pass more inheritance onto your loved ones.

- spread your investments over different asset classes so you reduce your risk and protect your wealth

- take advantage of the new downsizer super contribution legislation (starting 1 July, 2018) which will unlock capital on the sale of your house and allow you to generate retirement income.


If you’d like to attend, please call us on 3510 1333, or email admin@tfaas.com.au.

or visit our Facebook Page

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Don’t Sell Your Home in 2018 (UNTIL You Read This!)

Don't Sell Your Home in 2018 (UNTIL You Read This!)

Don't Sell Your Home in 2018

2018 is here! For anyone who is considering selling their home in 2018, we are going to dive into a great list of tips that will help your home sell fast and for the highest price possible.

One of the first things you should do is discuss in detail your options with whoever is involved in the selling of the home. Look at the homes for sale in your neighbourhood to give you a rough idea of the anticipated sales price. A lot of locals are shocked at the value of their home in Everton Park and surrounding suburbs thanks to the high level of demand and low stock levels.

Don't Sell Your Home in 2018 (UNTIL You Read This!)

10 Steps to Selling Your Home in 2018

Make Sure You're Ready to Sell

Many people begin to consider selling long in advance of actually putting a for sale sign in their yard. If you're considering selling, it doesn't hurt to start familiarizing yourself with the process by doing research. That being said, don’t put your home on the market until you are 100% ready and committed to selling. Take your time to get prepared!

The listing price for your home is going to determine if it sells. The correct amount is one that the market decides, not one that the seller decides themselves. Your Madeleine Hicks Real Estate agent will review the comparable sales and together you will determine an appropriate selling price for your property!

Knowing you are 100% ready to sell is one of the most important parts of selling your home. If you're considering selling it doesn't hurt to start growing familiar with the process. Many people begin to consider selling long in advance of actually putting a for sale sign in their yard.

Many people don't have a choice. Selling their home is a necessity commonly because they've already purchased another home, are being relocated to work in a new area and sometimes dramatic life-changing events.

Sometimes selling your home isn't so black and white. Sometimes you sell as a part of a growing family or an investment opportunity. Maybe you want to liquidate your assets and move your investments around. Either way, you don't want to sell your home without making sure you are ready and have discussed the options.

Interview Local Real Estate Agents to Help Prepare

Preparation is key to getting your home sold in 2018.

Maintaining a spotless and presentation-ready home for any last minute showings is crucial because it could be the deciding factor in a purchase. A buyer that walks into a home that is messy will walk right back out without having a second thought. Buyers are driven by their ability to picture themselves living in the home that they are being shown. If your house isn’t prepared or appealing, they won’t feel the comfort that is required for them to purchase. Real Estate agents with experience can do a tremendous job of assisting you preparing your home for a sale. They will make many recommendations and offer advice on how you can keep your home clean and charming.

It starts with curb appeal. Before potential buyers even step inside the house, they will have a front view of the property as they are pulling into the driveway. In this moment, the buyer begins to judge whether or not they are interested in looking inside. As soon as they get out of their car, you want their first thought to be, “Wow this home is beautiful.” In order to get them excited to see the home, you need to maintain an appealing yard. Be sure to have healthy mown grass in the summer, and tidy well kept bushes in the winter.

Next, make sure that the inside is swept, vacuumed, dusted, mopped, etc. When your home is sparkling and spotless, the potential buyers are more likely to leave with positive thoughts. If you can maintain a clean home throughout the selling process, you will have a much higher chance of selling.

Once you've discussed the idea of selling your home in greater detail and everyone involved is in agreement, you'll likely want to begin interviewing local Real Estate Agents. We pride ourselves on having some of the best real estate agents in Everton Park and surrounds! This will help you understand some things you can do before you list your home that may help increase your return on the sale. There are a lot of great Listing Agents out there and some that are not so good as well, so you will want to find one that you can work well with.

One of the best things you can do as a Seller is put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What made you want to buy the home? Would you buy your own home?

Your Real Estate agent will be able to see your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. Most sellers have grown emotionally attached to their home and they may have a differing opinion as to how valuable their home is compared to potential buyers... Sometimes it's worth more, sometimes it's worth, less. The only way to truly determine is to let the market decide!

Improve the Home

Selling your home in 2018 is going to give you a great opportunity to make a great return on your investment.

When it comes to selling your home, you want to get the most profit back possible. Repairing or upgrading different details of your home is very beneficial for your return on investment. If your home is worn down, it would be wise to pay for improvements because the home would be placed at a much higher value with these renovations. To start, check the landscaping around your home. Does your house have a positive curb appeal and look beautiful from out front? If not, it might be time to plant some fresh grass seeds or have a professional landscaper come by to make improvements.

You may also want to remodel the bathroom or the kitchen. These two rooms are very important because many people search for a beautiful kitchen and a gorgeous master bathroom when determining which home to buy. Find out what designs would look best in your setting and make the improvements! For the bathroom, this could be new flooring tiles, polishing the bathtub/shower, and remodeling the sink. For the kitchen, you could start by upgrading the countertops to a finish that is more modern, such as granite or marble.

There are other rooms you should also look at and see if they need any improvements as well. Whether it is a room inside or even adding a patio or deck, you will want to choose renovations that will be well worth the investment. Getting a good listing agent can help you find any red flags and help prepare your home for when it is time to hit the market. All of these additions and improvements will make your house stand out and be more likely to sell when competing against other homes. In addition to this, these renovations will tremendously increase the value of your home, giving you a more profitable return on investment.

Determine the RIGHT Listing Price

Determining the best listing price for your home can be a stressful part of the selling process. Since we tend to grow emotional attachments, everyone believes that the home they have lived in is worth more than it really is. However, any good real estate agent will tell you that it is not the seller who determines the price of the home, it is the market. To get a better idea of what your home would be valued at, research what price homes in your surrounding neighborhood have been sold for.

If you list your property in the spring and summer months, you will experience more buyers searching for a home. Since the demand to purchase would be high, you would have the option to test the market for a few prices. If your first listing price doesn’t draw in buyers, you can decrease the amount and repeat this process until you have a sale! If you’re selling during the winter month, usually you would have less leverage to test the market since there are fewer buyers during these months. At this time, you should list your property at a value that similar homes are selling for so that your home isn’t overlooked by buyers for being overpriced.

Real estate agents assist in determining the best pricing point. Their expertise will guide you through the process and they will find other homes that you can compare yours to. After analyzing a few comparisons, the value of your home should be more clear. As long as you don’t let your emotional attachment get in the way of deciding a price, you will be all set and ready to sell your home!

Professional Real Estate Marketingtips to sell in brisbane

Getting your home out on the market for everyone to see will attract a much larger crowd. Since professional real estate agents have access to a greater network than non-agents, they can get your home sold faster than if you were to sell it yourself (for sale by owner).  Listing your home on the MLS will increase your chances of getting potential buyers to see that your home is active. Your real estate agent will also do marketing on their own to make more buyers aware of your listing. For example, they may use billboards, their own website, open houses, flyers, direct mail marketing, and their network with other real estate agent to promote your home. When you have a listing agent, they are extremely determined to help you sell.

Using pictures is another effective way to draw interest in your home. We love to show off your property with images and videos. After capturing all of the rooms, we put the media online and potential buyers can take their own virtual tour of your house. This way, your home is being exposed to numerous people not only who are checking out homes on MLS, but also people who are on the edge of buying in general. This can motivate them to buy and set up a showing for your house if they like what they see.

Have the RIGHT Selling Strategy

There are plenty of different strategies that work for selling homes. For example,  depersonalizing your home, decluttering it to make it look bigger, and letting in more light by opening up blinds and shades are all effective selling strategies. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, what is it that they want to get out of taking their time to see your home? They want to walk into a clean home and need to be able to envision themselves living in it one day. Depersonalizing your home is a nuisance but it will help your chances of selling. You can do this by taking out family pictures and replacing them with neutral pieces of artwork. This makes it easier for the buyers to imagine putting up their own family pictures if they purchase the home.

Another selling strategy is removing any pets for showings. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, hamster or something more exotic, take them out of the home for the day since not every potential buyer will be an animal lover. Be sure to clean up any water bowls, toys, litter boxes, hamster wheels and fur because buyers don’t want to walk out covered in hair. By removing the animals, you also create a safer environment for cleaning supplies and air fresheners to make your home even more appealing.

Let your home shine! Getting as much natural light in through the windows is a smart move to show just how ‘alive’ your home looks. A buyer that walks into a dark home in the middle of the day can leave unsatisfied, without a desire to purchase that property. Natural light makes a home look much nicer and more pleasant. When you have time, walk around the house and determine what is causing light to be blocked from entering the windows. If bushes are causing the unwanted darkness,  cut them down.

Negotiate Professionally, NOT Emotionally

Negotiating can get tricky at times because you have to be careful when it comes to receiving offers from buyers. It is important to not let your emotions take control when you are looking for an offer or if you are making a counteroffer. Remember to always stay professional when you are negotiating, as this would give you the upper hand. Your Madeleine Hicks Real Estate agent will help make sure that you aren’t letting your emotions get the better of you. At the end of the day, you, the buyers and the agents involved are all working toward the same goal:  To sell your house!

When you receive an offer, do not respond right away. Instead, take your time looking it over and review your options. If you are in a multiple offer situation, you will be less stressed out since you have fallback options. When there is only one offeror, that’s when things tend to get hectic. As the seller, you may begin to get unmotivated and worry that you aren’t going to get the best deal. Take a deep breath and take your time looking for the offer to think over your options. Before sending an offer, be sure to debate the pros and cons of making that deal to make sure that it is a smart move.

Let the Buyers Feel As Though They Won

If a potential buyer isn’t constantly showing excitement for the purchase, they may back out at any time. By ensuring that your buyers feel that they are getting a deal of a lifetime, they will remain interested throughout the whole process. As the seller, show that you are excited for them to take this new step!

When it comes to negotiating, it is always important that you make the buyers feel as if they won. When they think that they have received the best deal, they will accept it and the both of you will be heading for a settlement. Similar to negotiating professionally and not emotionally, it is also important that you negotiate strategically. Let the buyers gain as much ground as you think they will need in order to feel like they are getting the better end of the deal. When they are satisfied with the deal in front of them, they will accept it and you both will finally close!

Prepare for your Move-out

Now that you are settling,  all of the stressful steps of selling your home are over and you can let the transactions run their course. Keep in mind that after all of the signing and initiating, you still need to move your belongings out of the house before you are completely finished. Anything that you do not convey with the title will have to go. This may include the refrigerator, the washer and dryer, and anything you specifically jotted down and disclosed to the buyer that would be coming to you after you sold.

Sellers who have already relocated usually have their home completely move-in ready for the buyers throughout the process. This is when a house is entirely empty and vacant when potential buyers are walking through it. If you are a seller that still lives in the home and have not yet relocated, be sure to get pre-approved to purchase a new home ASAP.  You don’t want to be left out in the cold because you don’t qualify for the home you were planning on purchasing. Make sure that you are financially ready to move out so buyers can move in.

Any garbage that is left in the house while moving out must be removed and thrown. Don’t be those sellers who make your buyers clean up your messes for you. Gather your belongings to pack them so that you are ready to move to your new home. If you have many items that you don’t want to keep, two helpful options can be a garage-sale or selling on Gumtree or eBay. By doing this, you are cleaning out the house and making, even more, money at the same time.

Whether you still live in the home or you have already relocated, always remember to leave the utilities on until after the home is settled!

Close and Congrats!

You’ve made it! You have followed all of the steps listed above and you’re finally ready for the last one! The offers are on the table and you have accepted the most appealing one! Congratulations, you now get to move on to closing!  If the buyer’s lawyer and agent approve all paperwork and the bank approves the transactions, there’s nothing much more to worry about. It is a long process for most, and even more, a stressful one. But you did it! Congratulations on officially selling a home!

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Warning! Fire Ants are in our Suburbs (What to Look For!)

Fire ant warning for brisbane north

Biosecurity Queensland is urging residents and businesses to check properties following the detection of fire ants at Bridgeman Downs.Fire Ants in Brisbane North warning

The red imported fire ants were found by a vigilant Brisbane City Council worker and confirmed on January 5.

Biosecurity Queensland officers destroyed the nest and baited the area to ensure all ants in the colony were destroyed.

Biosecurity Queensland urged all residents and business operators in Bridgeman Downs, Albany Creek, Carseldine, Aspley, McDowall, Brendale, Bracken Ridge, Fitzgibbon, Zillmere, Chermside, Chermside West, Stafford Heights, Everton Park, Everton Hills, Bunya and Eatons Hill to check their properties, gardens and work sites, and report any suspicious looking ants.

Fire ant nests look like mounds of loose soil with no visible entry or exit holes.

Labor MP for Aspley Bart Mellish said fire ants could be identified by their coppery-brown colour and darker-coloured abdomen.

“While small, 2—6mm in size, their sting is incredibly painful and in rare cases can lead to anaphylactic shock and death,” Mr Mellish said.

“Fire ants are one of the worst invasive species to reach Australia’s shores and can ruin our lifestyle, restricting everyday activities such as barbecues, picnics

and sporting events.

“Australia is the closest any country has come to eradicating fire ants, but we still have a lot of work to do to beat this serious invasive pest.”

Places fire ants are likely to be found are in and around logs and rocks, gardening materials such as pot plants, lawns, garden beds, taps and utility pits.

Identifying fire ants

Fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) are quite small (2-6mm) and come in an unusual variety of sizes within one nest. Their heads and bodies are coppery-brown and their abdomens are darker. They are aggressive, particularly near the nest, and can inflict painful stings.

It is vital that you are able to identify fire ants on your property. Watch the video for identification help.


Fire ant nests

Fire ant nests have no obvious entry or exit holes.

Nests often appear as dome-shaped mounds, but these mounds are not always easily identifiable. They can be up to 40cm high, but may also be flat and look like a small patch of disturbed soil. They are usually found in open areas such as lawns and pastures, and along roadsides and unused cropland.

Fire ant warning for brisbane northNests can also be found next to or under other objects on the ground, such as timber, logs, rocks, pavers or bricks. Look near pots or any areas of disturbed ground as well as:

  • in pot plants on the ground
  • in stores of topsoil, mulch and potting mixes
  • under landscape materials (e.g. logs, stones)
  • under timber or pallets on the ground
  • adjacent to buildings and other structures
  • in untidy or overgrown areas
  • near areas of permanent water (e.g. the banks of dams, rivers, ponds, aquaculture containers)
  • tufts of grass in open areas, where the soil is built up around the tufts.

If you are worried about possible Fire Ants visit daf.qld.gov.au/fireants or call 13 25 23.

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Madeleine Hicks Real Estate top 10 Property Features for 2017

Madeleine Hicks Real Estate top 10 Property Features for 2017

No.10 Best Backyard

25 Nicholas St, McDowall
sold by Madeleine for $805,000
25 Nicholas St, McDowall


No 9: Best use of Natural Resources

90 Barton St, Everton Park
Sold by Justin Hicks for $662,000

90 Barton St, Everton Park

No 8: Property with the Most Potential

586 Stafford Rd, Stafford
sold by Hayden Ownes (his first sale)

586 Stafford Road

No 7: Best Sale by Tender - Highest Price Achieved

3/35 Tullylease Pl  Chermside West
sold by Madeleine Hicks Team for $1,100,000

Madeleine Hicks real estate top 10 properties of 2017

No 6:  The best loft

8 Sommerville Place Chermside West
Sold by the Madeleine Hicks Team

madeleine hicks real estate chermside west

No 5: Just a Shell no interiors – no kitchen, bathroom etc

8 Nitawill St, Everton Park
Sold at tender with 8 offers by Justin Hicks for $480,000

8 Nitawill St, Everton Park


No 4: Best City Views

19 Warringah St, Everton Park
sold by Madeleine hicks for $662,000

best city views sold by Madeleine Hicks real estate

No 3: Best Back Desk

51 Rutherford St, Stafford Heights
sold by Justin Hicks for $535,000

51 Rutherfood St, Stafford Heights


No 2: The Most Loved Home

17 Constancia St, Mitchelton
sold by Mary Di Marco

17 constancia St, Mitchelton


No 1: Best Architecturally Designed Home

2 Kankool St, Stafford
Sold by Allie Coutts for $860,000

2 Kankool St, Stafford

If you have a property in Brisbane's Northern suburbs that you would like to discuss with one of the team members at Madeleine Hicks Real Estate, then please feel free to call our office at 07 3355 6845 or lodge a request for a “Property Appraisal” on our website.

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Major road and green infrastructure projects for the Jinker Track

road works on the Jinker track Albany creek

Moreton Bay Regional Council will invest more than $1.35million in road upgrades at the intersection of Jinker Track and Bunya Road following the appointment of a successful tenderer at the recent Council Coordination Committee Meeting (14 December).

Councillor for Division 10, Matt Constance welcomed the decision to appoint Alder Constructions Pty Ltd to the job, with the project starting in the New Year.

“This is a significant project that will see the intersection signalised, pavement and drainage improvements, new footpath, line markings, road signs, landscaping and green infrastructure including fauna exclusion fencing and a fauna bridge to ensure the safe movement of wildlife at the intersection,” Cr Constance said.

“Once complete, the project will not only improve road safety but it will also make it easier for visitors and locals to access sporting fields at James Drysdale Reserve, the Arana Hills SES depot, the nearby waste facility and the stunning Bunyaville Conservation Park, which attracts many visitors each year.

“Making sure we have improved safety for pedestrians and motorists has been one of my top priorities and it’s exciting to see this project come to fruition.

“As part of the project, about 135 metres of fencing will be installed along Bunya Road, at the interface of Bunyaville Conservation Park, to protect native birds, koalas, echidnas, wallabies and possums, with a fauna overbridge to allow safe passage of tree dwelling fauna travelling between green corridors either side of The Jinker Track.

Pine Hills Baseball Club president Simon Tame welcomed the project and said it would promote road safety.

“This is a great road safety project and we are really excited to see the upgrade get underway,” Mr Tame said.

“We have over 250 members at our club, so this project will also help to improve access to the sporting fields and ensure motorists slow down.”

Works are expected to commence in the New Year and take approximately 15 weeks to complete, weather permitting.

Councillor Constance said council would aim to ensure this important work was undertaken with as little impact to the community and road users as possible.

“The contractor will provide variable messages signs consistent before and throughout the duration of the project and will also advise the community and business of any impacts ahead of time,” he said.

“We apologise for any temporary inconvenience this work may cause to road users, but look forward to delivering this significant road safety project for residents in the New Year.”

Thanks to the Hills Echo for sharing the news.

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McDowall Sales up over 300% – November Real Estate Roundup!

November Market Update

November Market UpdateSales of properties in November in McDowall skyrocketed as buyers keen to move in before Christmas jumped into the market.

The number of sales last month of 13 was the highest recorded sales for several years in this highly desirable suburb.  Even more encouragingly was the highest sale price of $900,000 for a Streisand St property.

With sales activity increasing and prices rising 2018 is looking good for this inner north suburb.

High prices were recorded in all suburbs of the Madeleine Hicks Real Estate service area during November with 2 properties changing hands for in excess of $1million in Everton Park.

We also saw a reduction in the number of properties listed for sale during November as sellers were not wanting to be trying to sell over the Christmas period.  This trend continued in December as well, so it looks like the buyers will fighting over few properties in the New Year.

Our experience has shown that having your property listed for the start of January is perfect as that is a time when buyers are  actively looking.  They may be on holidays, so have the time to search properly.  The other reason that being listed in early January is that there are usually fewer properties on the market so the chances of your property selling and getting a great price are enhanced.


Highest Sale Price: - $900,000Lowest Sale Price: - $270,000
Properties Sold: -  13Properties on the Market: - 32
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
27 Streisand Dr432770$900,000
19 Laurina Cr532800$835,000
2 Belafonte St422735$750,000
83 Paramount Cir522700$715,000
25 Sinatra Cres422694$700,000



Highest Sale Price: - $912,000Lowest Sale Price: - $430,000
Properties Sold: -  9Properties on the Market: - 23


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
31 Amott St422607$912,000
21 Belfort St422640$750,000
5 Gable St322579$650,000
20 Kingaroy St324647$622,000
12 Chuter St311607$575,000



Highest Sale Price: - $716,000Lowest Sale Price: - $420,000
Properties Sold:- 8Properties on the Market:-  43
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
33 Armfield St421630$716,000
33 Frerricks St422607$700,000
44 Clifford St422433$605,000
9 Guntur St312627$595,000
83 Ogden St311607$530,000



Highest Sale Price: - $1,800,000Lowest Sale Price:- $330,000
Properties Sold:-  15Properties on the Market:- 76
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
5 Buller St1166809$1,800,000
73 Pullen Rd5224437$1,200,000
647 Stafford Rd3121093$680,000
90 Barton St422697$662,000
46 Streeton St422607$620,000
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Village Buzz Christmas Lights 2017


Finding the best Christmas Lights in Brisbane all depends on where you live, how much time you have and often how old your kids are.  The kids are the best at finding them.

At Village Buzz we are trying to make it easy for you, simply download the map to your phone and you will be on your way

You can use the map at the bottom of the page to find lights near you or use the list below (the map is easier) – we have kept things fluid as we will be updating if you let us know about any other good ones.



9 Blackwood Ave Mitchelton
10 Longreef Ct Albany Creek
36 Sugarloaf St Wavell Heights
146 Maundrell Terrace Chermside West
123 Dorrington Dr Ashgrove
30 High St Ashgrove
115 Horn Rd Aspley
1/123 Samford Rd Enoggera
12 Bowers Rd S Everton Hills
7 Greenfern Pl Ferny Grove
48 Daisy St Grange
 19 & 16 Barokee St Stafford
27 Minimine St Stafford
7 Minimine St Stafford
34 Ashley Rd Chermside West
146 Maundrell Tce Chermside West
36 Sugarloaf St Wavell Heights
16 Kosta Pl Albany Creek
8 Calhoun St McDowall
6 Calhoun St, McDowall
2 Coleridge St, Stafford Heights
2 Pimelea St, Everton Hills
16 Kambala St, Everton Park
 Please let us know in the comments if you can find any that are not on this list.

Wildlife Tracker

Wildlife Tracker


We are very concerned here at Village Buzz about the safety of the wildlife living amongst us so we jumped at the chance of meeting Ken Anderson who has just launched the Wildlife Tracker website.

During a very interesting meeting at Luv A Coffee I discovered that Ken is a semi-retired web developer who walks regularly in the bushlands in our area and is passionate about the wildlife living there.

He told me he was inspired to develop Wildlife Tracker after spotting many animals in the area and, particularly, ones which had been killed on the streets by cars.

Wildlife Tracker

He had become aware of a large number of dead wallabies particularly in Raven Street which, he says, is now being used by some motorists as a rat run to avoid heavy traffic Rode Road. He decided that something needed to be done to make it safer for the wildlife that he could see there would be a problem justifying the expense of traffic calming or fences to the authorities.

The fact is that nobody really knows how many wild animals live in the area or how many of those killed on the roads. All these thoughts lead to Ken's ‘Aha!’ moment when he realised that the way to change things was to collect data on animal sightings including kills to support submissions to the authorities.

They might not take a request to install traffic calming or fences seriously if the number of injured and dead animals is unknown but if that request was backed up with detailed figures on the numbers of animals sighted and the numbers killed, the outcome would be very different.

One person alone could not collect all the necessary data but many people go into the bushlands every day and most of these carry smartphones with Internet access. Ken decided that he could make the most difference by creating a website which all the walkers and local residents could access to report animal sightings and that, in time, a very accurate picture of the wildlife in the area could be built up.

McDowall animal rescuer Mike Fowler was also at the meeting and was excited as I was by the idea of Wildlife Tracker because he also knows the importance of having accurate data when motivating for change in an area that is also dear to his heart.

People are asked to access the Wildlife Tracker website to report to live animal sightings, any dead ones and signs that they are in the neighbourhood such as their scats (poop) or even scratches on trees left by koalas. The website even allows users to report bird calls they hear and it includes links to articles on identifying birds and the scats left by various animals.

We invite the Village Buzz community to use the Wildlife Tracker website to record sightings of animals you see and make a big contribution to their welfare. At the moment the site will only accept sightings in McDowall and adjacent suburbs but we think the idea is so good that it is bound to spread further afield.

Oh, and if you’re one of the motorists using Raven Street as a shortcut, can we ask you to be extra careful because we certainly don't want to see the day when all the wildlife is gone from our community.

Wildlife Tracker

Using Wildlife Tracker

Using the website to report a wildlife sighting is simplicity itself especially for those whose phones have a GPS capability.

  • Access https://wildlifetracker.net/ on the spot where you made the sighting
  • If your phone has GPS select the Get Location from the menu and click GPS Scan. Wait until your position is located.
  • Select Report Sighting once you have located your position (or if you have no GPS).
  • Fill in your details and those of the sighting.
  • Indicate whether you took pictures and so Wildlife Tracker can contact you.
  • Select your position on the map if it is not filled in already.
  • Click Send Report.
  • Too easy.

Very important:

The website is NOT meant to be used to report injured or ill animals needing assistance. First, call 1300ANIMAL and give the details including your position to the operator. If you're uncertain exactly where you are, you could use Wildlife Tracker or a GPS app to determine that. Only then use Wildlife Tracker to record the fact that you spotted an injured animal and note in the comments section who you notified and what happened.

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October Real Estate Market Update

Real Estate Market Update

October Real Estate Market Update. Hello everyone, my name is Allie Coutts from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate and I’m doing the October roundup for sales that settled in October for our 4053 postcodes.

We’ll start with McDowall, there were just four properties that settled in McDowall in October and the highest of which was the one in Gielgud Street for $747,000.

For Stafford Heights, there were 7 properties that settled in October, 24 available. The highest of which was $631, 500 and that was the one in Caratel Street and $620, 000 for that property in Amott Street. In Stafford also 7 properties settled in October, 51 available and ranged from the high $860, 000 Gamelin Circuit, round to the low $200k for those units have settled.

For Everton Park that wins the competition, 11 properties settled in October, 92 available. The most impressive one is that large plot of land in Pullen Road which settled $1,200,000 and I then a lot of properties in the mid-fives up to 600, 000 thousand that settled in Everton Park. So that’s our market roundup for October. I hope to speak to you next month.


Highest Sale Price: - $747,000Lowest Sale Price: - $362,000
Properties Sold: -  4Properties on the Market: - 46


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
22 Gielgud Cr532834$747,000
4 Jagger St522556$705,000
6/195 Old Northern Rd311567$362,000
18 Brando St311771not disc



Highest Sale Price: - $631,500Lowest Sale Price: - $295,000
Properties Sold: -  7Properties on the Market: - 24


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
28 Caratel St422683$631,500
32 Amott St312607$620,000
108 Niven St312567$575,000
28 Sedgemoor St213650$565,000
46 Sedgemoor312559$518,000


Highest Sale Price: - $877,000Lowest Sale Price: - $276,000
Properties Sold:- 7Properties on the Market:-  51


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
38 Gamelin Cr312607$660,000
11 Bertram St312708$645,500
1/43 Collier St211101$345,000
5/195 Webster Rd211-$274,000
542 Webster Rd311607not disc


Highest Sale Price: - $1,200,000Lowest Sale Price:- $316,000
Properties Sold:-  11Properties on the Market:- 92


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
73 Pullen Rd5224437$1,200,000
25 Deakin St422405$810,000
65 Fallon St311607$657,000
784 South Pine Rd521599$641,000
42 Hornby St322615$618,000