Joyce Peirce – a Chermside West pioneer

Joyce Peirce Village Buzz
Joyce Peirce Village Buzz

Joyce pictured in her back yard with units in the background where not long ago was a grass paddock. Picture by Allan Jackson.

Driving around the Village Buzz area with all its houses, units and commercial properties it’s difficult to imagine a time when it was all bush with a only few people living here and there. I must confess, however, that I hadn’t given the matter much thought until I met up with Chermside West local Joyce Peirce who was an early settler in the area.

Believe it or not, but the house where she still stays was only reachable by a bicycle track through the bush when she first lived on the property. Before we get to that, however, I had better go back to the beginning of the story in Kedron in 1930.

Joyce was born in that year and lived in a house in Shamrock Street with her mum, dad and siblings and went to school at Wooloowin State Commercial High. Her mum died when she was 12 but her father, a furrier, worked from home and brought the kids up by himself.

Word War II was still going on and she can vividly remember the butter and clothing rationing which made things difficult for Australians in those days. Another vivid memory is of Brisbane residents providing hospitality for visiting servicemen by inviting them home for tea.

The war finished at about the same time she turned 14 and left school – as many children did in those days – and went out to look for work. She became a typist at Bryce’s and enjoyed the life of a young woman about town with weekly dances at the War Memorial Hall in Kedron, occasional balls at Cloudland and regular visits to the movies including the Regent Theatre in Queen Street.

She had her first child, Tom, in 1952 and moved to Windsor and then to Inala where she spotted and ‘caught’ Bill Pierce, who was a returned soldier and who worked on the railways at Roma Street as a checker.

The couple decided to make their home on the land that Joyce and her brother had bought years previously in Chermside West. Her piece of that cost £450 which she eventually paid off at the rate of £1 per week.

Her brothers Roy, a horse-dealer, and George, a truck driver, were already living on land nearby. Bill and Joyce first lived in rented house in Trouts Road while a temporary dwelling was built by Bill and her brothers just up the slope from her present house.

The temporary dwelling built by Bill Peirce and Joyce’s brothers just up the slope from where the present house is sited

As mentioned previously, there was only a bicycle track leading to the house in those days and the only other people nearby were her brothers and a family who ran a pig farm located between their property and Rode Road. Brother Roy had a horse and sulky but Joyce was never really comfortable with horses and depended on her bicycle for transport.

She would ride off down the track to Chermside, park the bicycle under the police station and catch the tram to town to go to work. That was fine until she broke her leg but Roy volunteered to drive her to the bottom of the hill in the sulky from where a Bryce’s lorry would pick her up.

In 1961 and with a growing family, Bill and Joyce decided they needed a proper place to live but didn’t have very much money. A new house would have cost them $1400-$1500 so the solution was to buy a house which had belonged to a headmaster in Petrie for $200, cut it into three sections, shift it to its present location and then recombine the pieces.

A view of the paddock which is now covered by dwelling units.

Access to the property was still difficult but Bill and her brothers had been cutting trees to sell for firewood to supplement their income. They cleared a sizeable area on the slop leading down the hill to Chermside and had it graded in exchange for a carton of beer by men sand-mining in the neighbourhood. This shrewd bribe provided easier access to Chermside where Hamilton Road is today.

Joyce eventually gave up her work in town to concentrate on the home where her activities included milking the goats, collecting chook eggs for sale and taking the kids to catch the bus to school. Bill would milk their small herd of cows and they sold the surplus milk as well.

She remembers she didn’t see all that much of her own kids in those days as they were always out exploring in the surrounding bush; swimming in Albany Creek and cooking potatoes, onions and eels they caught there on camp fires.

The house which replaced the temporary dwelling on Joyce’s property soon after it was moved there from Petrie

Concluding our interview, I asked her how much had changed since her days in Kedron and, later, in Chermside West. The short answer to that question is everything; according to her, the only thing that still looks the same now as it did then is Tom Wallace Cycles in Lutwyche Road.

She says she’s had a good life as a Chermside West pioneer, wife to Bill (not good looking but really nice) and mother to four of her own and two of her deceased sister’s kids. I can easily believe it was a good life but I don’t believe, as she also says, that hasn’t been an interesting one too.

The $200 house still in pretty good nick all these years later. Picture by Allan Jackson.

Story for Village Buzz: Allan Jackson

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Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Last Sunday saw the Annual Madeleine Hick Real Estate, in conjunction with the local member Tim Mander's,  Easter Egg Hunt and Neighbour Day at Teralba Park in Everton Park.   The sun was out the birds were singing and we were so fortunate that the Easter Bunny was able to come along as well.

Along with a group of special helpers the Easter Bunny was able to hide thousands of Easter Eggs in Teralba park for the kids to hunt for.

So many families participated in the event, with estimates of about 3000 people coming along.

They enjoy the free face painting and kids activities. We had 180kg of easter eggs and of course many people visited and took a picture with the easter bunny. Must see pictures below ( you can also see 100's more photos at the Madeleine Hicks Real Estate Facebook Page)

Now the planning is started for ways to top this year.

Were you one of many who came along ?  Tell us how many Easter Eggs that you were able to find.

Easter Egg mania

Posted by Madeleine Hicks Real Estate on Saturday, 8 April 2017

Easter Egg Hunt 2017


Easter Egg Hunt 2017

A lesson in courage and composure

Allan Jackson Communications

Every so often I’m lucky enough to get to meet somebody really inspirational and this time it was Everton Park local Denise Bowditch whom I met after being asked to set down her story for Village Buzz.

I’d had a brief introduction to the many tribulations she’s been through and I wasn’t sure what to expect when we met in Luv A Coffee recently. The pretty, composed lady dressed in cheerful colours who walked into the cafe came as a bit of a surprise because I had expected her many negative experiences to have left more of a mark.

In the next 45 minutes, however, I heard the full inspirational story how she didn’t allow that to happen to her. It’s a story of survival against the odds, endurance, a determination not to give up and a conscious decision not to allow herself to be defined by events she experienced.

“The thing is that a tragedy or misfortune is only a chapter in your life and you can’t allow it to define you. It can consume you if you don’t watch out but I decided not to let that happen,” she said.

Sixteen years ago, Denise was the mum in a happy and close-knit little family consisting of her, her husband Rick and their daughters Amelia, 9, and Tamara, 11. She had two adult children, Tina and Adam, from a previous marriage who were her only extended family.

Denise had just given up her work when Rick, who had been injured in an traffic accident with a petrol tanker and hadn’t been well, unexpectedly took his own life. The shock to the family was severe when they found themselves without him and any means of support.

With two dependents to care for, Denise didn’t have the option of collapsing into a heap and just had to ‘suck it up’ and go on. Paying the bills took a lot of juggling which she only just managed with some welfare support and a part-time job at St Anthony’s School in Kedron; that job kept the family in meals, she recalls.

Further shocks were in store when Amelia’s school friend and two siblings were murdered by the eldest sister’s ex-boyfriend. The double blow was too much for Amelia who began to retreat from the world and had to undergo treatment.

Allan Jackson Communications

The special needs teacher at Amelia’s school was very helpful in taking Amelia to her treatment sessions which was lucky because, in 2003, Denise was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a program of aggressive chemotherapy which made her so sick she was unable to care for her daughters.

She went to hospital for treatments and stem cell retrieval in case the cancer ever came back. The family also had to live with the fact that any infection at all would have been deadly in her weakened state so she also had to go to hospital as a precaution whenever her temperature went up.

This period was tough on Amelia but she had immediate treatment and a very supportive school environment. Stress and trauma affected Tamara too, but she internalised it and it took longer for the issues to surface. She has written elsewhere of her journey to recovery which makes inspirational reading.

- SUICIDE SUICIDE SUICIDE -Once the word suicide scared me to say or even think about. But in 2001 suicide changed my...

Posted by Tamara Bowditch on Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The chemotherapy treatment is something Denise says she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy but recalls her doctors telling her that it would all come good in the end. And it eventually it did; the cancer was beaten, she was able to get back to work and the family could start to recover.

Amelia completed her schooling and got a job at Disneyland after gaining a qualification in events management while Tamara qualified as a hairdresser and opened her own salon in our area. Denise finally felt free to relax and travel and was Shanghai in 2016 when she received the news of the death of her son, Adam.

She says she misses him terribly but has come to accept that perhaps his passing was for the best. He had been living in very difficult circumstances and was finding it hard to accept he would never work again after a shoulder injury. Denise remembers he really hated the thought of bludging for the rest of his life and she is finding some sort of serenity and acceptance amid the grief.

Since our meeting I have been thinking a lot about Denise’s example and the benefits of making the choice not to let negative events and emotions consume us. The big lesson I learned from her is that negative emotions and events are part and parcel of our lives and even though we can’t control them, we can choose how we react.


Story for Village Buzz: Denise Bowditch

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Neighbour Day Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Madeleine Hicks real Estate

Egg-Cellent Fun For The Kids!

Neighbour Day Easter Egg HuntSunday, 9th of April will be an egg-celent day for everyone. As Madeleine says, “This will be an amazing opportunity for our neighbours to learn and hopefully participate in some of our great local community groups."

Except for Easter Egg Hunt Event, we are also celebrating our annual Neighbour Day that makes our community great, so it will be a great fun. The morning will comprise of a FREE easter egg hunt, FREE face painting, FREE kids activities including egg and spoon races, potato sack races, blow up soccer and of course, a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Not only that! Twenty local community organisations will be holding stalls and Brisbane Brass Music Association will be performing during the morning, according to Mr. Mander. The Neighbour Day Easter Egg Hunt is absolutely FREE family friendly event which celebrates the approaching Easter festivities and our amazing local community groups.

So we are now inviting families to join us from 9am at Teralba Park in Everton Park for this community event.

The Neighbour Day Easter Egg Hunt is hosted by local real estate agency Madeleine Hicks Real Estate and Tim Mander MP.


Easter Egg Hunt Madeleine Hicks real Estate


From Employee to Entrepreneur

From Employee to Entrepreneur

How I Started My Business

Margaret Sims

It started with a Helen Keller quote in a Quilting Diary that I was considering buying – ‘One cannot consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar’. Something reacted inside me.

I knew I wasn’t happy. All the creativity and love of teaching I used to have was slowly dying. I was being buried alive.

Finally, with a push, I left my job as a Business and Computing Teacher to face the unknown. I’d given so much of myself that I needed to find anew who I was and what I wanted for my future. Not easy at that time for a baby boomer woman whose career took second place to the expectations of her generation.

I taught for a while part-time in Business Colleges while I searched for my new place in the world. I felt too young to retire. There were personal challenges along the way, including looking after an aging parent.

Eventually I trained as an Image Consultant with a lady who’d done my colours years ago. I left the world of teenage girls to help women my own age. I went into business for myself.

It has been a challenging and interesting journey so far.

Margaret Sims Stylish Baby Boomers

Why I Do What I Do

You can’t educate women and then expect them to fade into invisibility with age. Many of us still want to use whatever talents we have to participate and contribute to the world.

In my business, Stylish Baby Boomers, I have taken what I always believed was the core of myself as a teacher to help Baby Boomers ‘blossom into a new way of being’. My curiosity and creative eye helps me uncover the modern classics of dressing for my female and male clients so that they let go of their old dressing habits.

Dressing is my forte. I leave the makeup and skincare changes to someone else.

Margaret Sims Stylish Baby Boomers

With gentle guidance, a few tweaks and some new knowledge, I watch my clients change their dressing and discover the new-found confidence they were searching for but weren’t sure they could make happen.

Your dressing is a powerful visual clue to what you think and feel about yourself.

The teacher is who I am and who I always will be. On the surface, as a Professional Stylist, I teach you how to revamp your wardrobe and your dressing. What I really do is to give you permission to become the person you truly want to be – ‘to soar not to creep’.


My Contact Details:

Margaret Sims

Stylish Baby Boomers

0407 137 264





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Trash & Treasure – Join in

Bunya Lions Trash & treasure

The Lions Club of Brisbane Bunya are hosting a Trash & Treasure Market at Keperra Baptist Church carpark to raise funds for the Australian Lions Children's Cancer Research Foundation along with Hummingbird House.

The event will be on Saturday, March 18 at 7 AM - 1 PM

The Lions Club will have a food van selling bacon & egg rolls for breakfast & sausage sizzles for lunch.

We are looking for stallholders who would like to book a space for $20. All funds raised from this will be shared equally between the ALCCRF & Hummingbird House.  Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/258993817856832/ for more details

ALCCRF is the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation and over the years, with the help of people just like you, the ALCCRF has raised over $10 million dollars for childhood cancer research - and has supported countless Australian organisations leading the fight against childhood cancer.
Please contact us if you would like to have a stall either with second-hand items or handicrafts or otherwise.

Hummingbird House is Queensland’s only children’s hospice.

Hummingbird House provides short break stays, family wellbeing services, creative therapies, and care at the end of life, for children with life-limiting conditions and their families.  Hummingbird House is a place where kids can be kids, families can reconnect, and precious memories can be created.




Because I Can

Because I Can

Because I Can

Probably the last thing you’d imagine when meeting immaculately groomed McDowall local Leonie Knight is that she spends many of her weekends competing on equal terms in the male dominated sport of speedway racing.

Leonie Knight Racing - Because I Can
It’s a far cry from her weekday occupation of managing a top recruitment agency but she has become addicted to the thrill of competition and pitting her wits against the more experienced drivers as they hurtle round floodlit oval dirt tracks vying to be first across the line and the chequered flag.
“My dad Phil Mutton was a stalwart of the Brisbane racing scene and ever since I was two weeks old I was taken along to motor racing meetings but only decided to give it a go myself after he passed away on June 21, 2015,” Leonie said.

Leonie Knight Racing – Helmets & Heels
“Dad was widely known as one of nature’s gentlemen and ran service stations in Zillmere and Sandgate for many years. His great love was motor racing and he was always either participating or building racing cars for sale to other competitors. For years he was the official supplier of methanol racing fuel to IndyCar racing on the Gold Coast.”

Because I Can
At the time of his death Phil was busy restoring a De Tomaso Pantera which had competed at Toowoomba for many years throughout the 80s. Leonie decided to enlist his old pit crew to finish the job in his honour.

The car, dubbed Rory the Red Racing Car by Leonie’s daughters Georgia, 10, and Samantha, 8, was soon restored to his former glory but the thought had entered Leonie’s mind that she’d like to have a go at competition herself. The family were too attached to Rory to risk him in the hurly burly of racing, especially after a clutch-related incident (rookie error on her behalf!) in which he leapt out of the garage in Sandgate and wedged himself up a wall.  Fortunately unhurt, Rory was placed on display in the Queensland Motorsport Museum at Ipswich as a permanent memorial to Phil Mutton and it wasn’t long before a muscular AMCA V8 by the name of Arnie joined the family and Leonie Knight Racing was well and truly launched.

Arnie came with a 253 cubic-inch motor developing 340bhp and had been built to compete in AMCA Nationals speedway racing. AMCA had been developed as an affordable dirt track racing discipline where the best driver could win rather than just whoever could afford the best technology.

Because I Can with Leonie Knight Racing

The top AMCA racers complete a full lap of the oval track in about 16 seconds and Leonie has improved her times from 26 seconds to an average of 17 or 18 seconds. She started out determined not to drive beyond her ability but to drive smoothly and get gradually get fast enough to become competitive.
“My pit crew roll their eyes at me when I don’t know all the jargon but I learn more and more of the real names for the thingies on the car every day,” laughed Leonie. “The AMCA guys are great mob to race with and very helpful to me as a rookie, and a one at that.”

Because I Can Leonie Knight
Leonie drove in her first race in February 2016 and competed in the season-ending AMCA Nationals in Lismore in May where she placed 33rd in a field of 41, all of whom were men. That season had already begun so her official rookie season is the 2016/7 season which began in November 2016 during which she will complete in the Queensland and New South Wales Title events this year.
“My goals in racing are to have fun, to show my fellow women that we really can do anything we set our minds to and commemorate the life of Phil Mutton, a truly wonderful man. On Arnie’s boot is written the motto ‘Grandpa’s Girls’; that’s Mum, me, Georgia and Samantha,” said Leonie.
Keep an eye on Leonie Knight Racing – Helmets & Heels’ page on Facebook for the latest updates on the team’s activities.  Why not come out to Archerfield speedway one day?

You’ll be expected to give an especially loud shout of support when Leonie and Arnie (car Q52) go blasting by.

Story by Allan Jackson www.allanjackson.net