Brookside plans for new shops and food court

Brookside lodges plans for new food court and shops

Brookside plans for new shops and food court

It is safe to say that since Myers moved out of Brookside the centre has been feeling a little empty.

No plans have been lodged to revitalise Brookside with a new food court and a mini-major retailer (can you guess who?).

Retailer First the shopping centre's manager is seeking approval to make the current food court and adjacent mall into shops.  Whilst at the same time converting the void surrounding the travelator in the centre court into a mall and installing a new kiosk.

It is expected that a new food court would lead to an increase in floor space and  would be created by placing food outlets around the outside of the existing centre court.

At this stage there are no details about the timing for these changes it is expected that Target will be moving in before the end of the year, hopefully before the Christmas period.

What would you like to see at a revitalised new Brookside?


Source: Quest Newspapers

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  1. Amie
    Amie says:

    Excellent news for us locals to Brookside. Myer leaving has left a big hole in the centre. With all the space around there why not aim for cinemas and an up grade to the Brook hotel? We live in a great suburb it’s time for some great facilities to support that.

      • Frustrated
        Frustrated says:

        But the cinemas are instead going to the yet to be developed Ferny Grove Station Development.
        We need more mixed use reidential and retail/commercial.
        But the food is always welcome fot my belly. Long live food courts

  2. Bec
    Bec says:

    With so many apartments and new houses going into the area an upgrade of Brookside is long overdue! Cinemas and a decent Brook hotel would be amazing!

  3. Deb
    Deb says:

    I was there this afternoon having a coffee and to me it was so quiet. I used to visit Brookside at least weekly (its been my shopping centre for years) and having Myer was such a bonus. Currently I think Brookside is just dead. Nowhere near the amount of people shopping there prior to Myer leaving. Here’s hoping we go back to a shopping centre that locals enjoyed going to.

  4. Meriel
    Meriel says:

    The Brook Hotel is so overdue for a revamp and it it would be great if it was made suitable to take kids there for dinner, like the Everton Park Hotel.
    Cinemas at Brookside would be awesome and some decent restaurants would really give the area a lift. So many apartment have been built in the area so surely there is a market for these changes.

  5. Judith brumm
    Judith brumm says:

    I was there for the opening of Brookside and the excitement it generated. It is sad to see the demise of the centre since Myer closed. A great new food court is not enough to generate more custom, although it will be very welcome. I hope target is enough to bring people back, but unfortunately doubt it. Brookside will become a minor centre similar to toombul, although they do have cinemas. New restaurants are sorely needed now sizzler has closed. A revamp of the brook hotel to make it child friendly would generate more people to the area. I will continue to support Brookside, but will have to go further as well to meet my purchasing needs .

  6. Kate
    Kate says:

    This is really good news and I really hope the refurbishments are done tastefully. Currently, the centre looks like a relic and this is long overdue. I hope they bring in proper vendors that will service the growing professional and trendy population and not just cheap, dodgy fast food type places like there were before. We are professionals with kids and I would never bring my kids to the previous foos court. We would drive to the city instead if we wanted to dine out. It would be fantastic if the Brook hotel could be updated too. Step by step, I guess. I really believe Mitchelton is an area worth investing in and I hope the renovations will support the growth.

  7. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I think this may all be too little too late. Brookside is a ghost town and the damage has been done for me. The changes forced my hand to shop elsewhere.

  8. Janene
    Janene says:

    They certainly need somewhere decent to get a coffee – best coffee option there at the moment is coffee at Coles ( very sad)- just a revamp in general, inside and out it is so run down. Cinemas would be great as well but a greater variety of shops as well would be a great move to attract more customers and to move with the development in the suburb and surrounds

  9. Sophie Demeere
    Sophie Demeere says:

    I live in keperra and i feel like i go back in time when I step into the brookside Shopping centre especially after Myers closed up. I would love to see a chain like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo to go in there, that would bring lots of people to that area and would make me come here rather then having to go to the city or chermside especialy with the new development happening on settlement road. Looking forward to the progress on this!


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