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Not Now. Not Ever.

Not now, Not Ever. It’s a slogan that we’ve been hearing in ads on the tv during the month of May as well as “do something”. What does this all mean? May is the month Queenslanders come together to say “no” to domestic and family violence. As a community, we must work together to end […]

Are you prepared for life’s financial turning points?

We face a series of widely-shared financial turning points during our lives. Yet how we handle them obviously differs widely. Financial turning points include receiving our first pay, joining our first super fund, leaving home for the first time and entering a personal relationship. Among the others are buying our first (second or third) home, dealing with serious illness in […]

Cafes are getting ‘dicey’…..

I love it when someone has a dream and acts on it. Conexio Games Café at Albany Creek was a dream for owner Michael which took over 3 years in the planning and has now been operating for 7 months. Michael saw similar cafes with bookshops included and with a love of all things board […]