Amazing New Invention by Local from Mitchelton

When a challenge has been set, how many of us rise up and turn it into a positive, much less a business opportunity?

When busy, working mum of 4 kids, Nicole Gibson’s husband kept complaining about nowhere to wash his hands in the laundry, due to the tub being used to soak items, it inspired her to design and invent what was to become the Söka tub. The result saved her marriage and sanity!

After designing a cardboard prototype, Nicole employed a local industrial design company to help put her ideas into CAD. The Design Filter company from Stafford have been an important component in starting her business. Not only did they offer design advice but also provided her with cost-effective options for obtaining patents, trademarks and registering the design. Nicole then had a 3D plastic prototype made, from where she invested her time into researching plastic manufacturers here in Queensland and around the country. Söka Australia is now proudly manufactured here in Brisbane. Nicole employs a number of outside businesses that help support Söka Australia with manufacturing, distribution, bookkeeping, IT, web design, interior design, marketing and business support. Nicole is a proud Australian, and more so a very passionate Queenslander. She values the importance of manufacturing locally, producing a quality product and emphasizing a Brisbane associated brand awareness when advertising her new innovation.

The Söka tub allows delicate, soiled and coloured clothing to be separately soaked in different laundry solutions whilst housed in the one bucket. The Söka tub is space saving and the stackable design can fit easily in the laundry sink or look stylish on any bench. With 3 removable compartments, a large main tub, 3 draining lids and the main lid, this is not only compact in size but has the ability to soak a wide variety of items. Perfect for the great outdoors it has infinite uses in and around the home. The lack of similar products on the market reassured Nicole that her design was unique and would serve its purpose in the community.

For decades and up until March this year, the only original nappy pail was the only soaking bucket on the market. With its limited uses, a potential for children drowning, flimsy handle, and its size, Söka Australia saw a huge opportunity in the marketplace to introduce a more sustainable option that promotes using less water and detergent, encourages biodegradable laundry products and assists those individuals who suffer from sensitive skin and skin allergies. Considering only 5% of new mums use cloth reusable nappies here in Australia, the Söka tub could certainly prove to be a catalyst for a shift in being more environmentally friendly and therefore reducing the extremely high amount of disposable undergarment waste products that currently pervade our landfill. The Söka tub is the only bucket with removable compartments on the market. The draining lids allow for easy drainage of waste or excess water prior to placing into the water sensitive front loading washing machines.

Since manufacturing started in March 2018, Nicole has donated Söka tubs to Marist College Ashgrove for event prizes and also offered a percentage of sales to raise money for special charity events such as the Fred Hollows Foundation. Nicole also attends local markets and expos which allows her to directly liaise with customers and showcase her new innovation. She is keen to continue to build brand awareness throughout Brisbane, Queensland, and Australia. Nicole is also currently in discussion with a number of companies interested in distributing Söka tubs worldwide. She is excited to be building her business and Brisbane’s economy whilst offering local employment opportunities.

This innovate product is stylish, practical, water and detergent saving; and with a multitude of uses is bringing organisation back into our homes in Brisbane. This new clever Söka tub really is a must-have whether you live in a small space, you’re a new mum, a grey nomad (it would be perfect in caravans), or even if you just like saving the planet from excessive detergent and water usage. Personally, I have found the Söka tub a space-saving solution for a myriad of uses in my all adult home and I seem to find a new use nearly daily for it. Originally, I purchased it to soak small items and it has saved me time washing as well as saving expensive items from damage by the washing machine. Now I find I’m using more with one as my compost container as well.

The Söka tub is now available for purchase online https://www.sokaaustralia.com.au and at the moment members of Brisbane Bulk Buys Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1669373663112972/ have a discounted limited deal.

What started out as a must have for all mums has now become an item that every home needs.

Written by Robyn Baker, Busy Connecting

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