7 Steps to Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom. How often as women do we try to do everything, be everything to everyone yet neglect ourselves in the process?

When life seems all too hard and you just need to feel strong again who do you talk to, where do you turn? I think I might have the answer in allowing us all to “live an extraordinary life” and Donna Ferguson has a gift in providing just that.

7 Steps to Emotional Freedom

Donna’s business Unique Vibrations started after an opportunity to re-brand a previous business working with women. Donna saw this as an opportunity to follow her bigger vision, dream, passion and again believe in her real purpose in life. Donna had been working with women to create more in their lives allowing them to move through the “glass ceiling”. She thrives on unlocking the keys in allowing women to no longer compare themselves to their male counterparts and removing their blocks that limit them from creating an extraordinary self. Donna does this through raising their vibrational energy allowing them to honour their higher self.

After a marriage filled with Domestic Violence and finding herself, a strong independent woman with plenty of character, slightly straying in life from “the normal”, Donna was physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually destroyed. However, after finding out she was pregnant, she decided to try to make my marriage work. She had lost all friends and with only limited family left Donna felt that she had no-where to turn. When her daughter was around 5 months old she started to look for ways to re-build her life. Donna attended mind-set and inspirational events to help her understand why she was still not healing emotionally and spiritually. It was during this time between the ages of 45-55 that Donna found a light that suddenly started to expose what she was capable of. Running into many women who were either not happy in their jobs, looking at starting businesses without having the know how or purely struggling with their relationships both professionally and personally. It was a gift that Donna found she was often resolving with 5 key questions and then realised that this was her gift.

After completing a number of course certifications Donna registered as a Rapid Success Therapist for Vibrational Alignment. This gift allowed her to offer her rapid success techniques so women could easily and effortlessly replace their blocks with opportunities to open up their extraordinary life. Donna runs a coaching program for decoding your blocks, a coaching program for aligning all aspects of your life and helping women to re-focus on their true passion and purpose in life whether that is in their current work, or transitioning into starting up their purpose in life with clarity, focus and desire that they have not felt before. Donna is also a published author with her book 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom, Mind, Body and Soul.

Donna loves that Unique Vibrations is a northside business and she has found that there are a number of business groups that provide the opportunity to not only support their businesses, but also the opportunity to support their local community and not for profit organisations. Donna is a member of the NOW Business Network and an active member of The Hills Chamber of Commerce and through these it allows her the opportunities to sponsor, donate and attend functions that directly assist organisations that are not for profit or run totally dependent on donations. It also gives her the opportunity to meet other local businesses where she has been amazed at how many businesses really actively participate in giving back to the community.

Donna runs masterclasses for women in business and mums wanting to implode their desires to be more and a masterclass where anyone women can join to get a glimpse of what she offers to inspire them to create more for themselves. She also hosts and produces the Unique Vibrations Midday TV Show every Thursday.

Donna’s vision for the future is to build a global tribe of women, offer international experiences for women, provide an exclusive membership in our inner circle as a true leader and to lead others. Donna is also planning on certifying her training for women to take all around the world. Donna’s biggest vision for experiences is to offer a 4-day exclusive luxury experience at Versace where women can experience opulence, luxury and indulgence as a taste of the life that can be when you believe you are extraordinary and not settle for ordinary and it sounds wonderful.

I love that Donna thought my “drawing on your inner child if you had one wish in life (not monetary) what would it be” question was the easiest to answer as many struggle with finding their inner child. Donna said that she would love to build a refuge for women and children from domestic violence where she could add a retreat facility to run free experiences for them allowing them to heal and re-build their lives (in a micro second rather than years of mistakes) and without the blocks, without the pain, without the limitations and become extraordinary women with a purpose in life. And secondly to be able to provide give them back their life, their confidence, their permission to love themselves again, their self-worth and begin to value themselves in the true sense. Allowing the women to raise their vibration for complete alignment mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and unlock the key to them moving forward and living their extraordinary life.

Donna is proudly speaking today at Australia You Have a Voice - sharing stories by 12 inspirational women to change lives and impact lives.

Donna also holds a number of masterclasses including a masterclass for women in business on How to Maximise Profits by raising your Vibration and general masterclasses as well as a masterclass designed for Mums. You can find more information on which one suits your lifestyle on her Facebook page Unique Vibrations, https://www.facebook.com/uniquevibrations/ or link in with her on au.linkedin.com/in/donnaferguson1. Donna can also be contacted at https://www.facebook.com/donnauniqueness/, 0403 311 157 Unique Vibrations, PO Box 53, Alderley QLD 4051 www.uniquevibrations.com

Donna believes every woman can and should Live An Extraordinary Life.

Written by Robyn Baker, Busy Connecting

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