Eatons Hill Family Going to America for Life Changing Surgery

Every so often at Village Buzz we come across a story that really tugs at our heartstrings and the case of young James Meyer from Eatons Hill is definitely one of those.

He suffers from cerebral palsy and his parents Darren and Christine have launched an appeal to raise funds to take him to the United States for selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery. The surgery promises to remove spasticity in his muscles which will, in turn, relieve the pain and discomfort he endures. It will help him be more mobile and independent increasing his quality of life.

His birth in October 2013 (10 weeks premature) was traumatic and he was delivered by emergency Caesarean section. His twin sister Grace was born shortly afterwards and the medical team expected both children to recover fully in the course of time. By the age of 10 months, however, it became apparent that James wasn't hitting the same developmental milestones as his sister and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This affects all sufferers differently and, in James's case, his cognitive function was luckily not impaired but he was in a state where the muscles in all four limbs are impacted by spasticity making his muscles tight and hard to move.

The condition is painful and threatened to reduce his mobility to the extent he might never be able to walk independently. The medical team launched an early intervention programme of treatment which included physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and speech therapy in an attempt to alleviate his symptoms.

He was classified as a 4 on the GMFCS scale which ranges from 1 to 5, with five being the most disabled. Doctors expected James would spend a lot of his life in a wheelchair but his mum Christine said he was so determined to walk that he is now able to use a hand-held walker and has been downgraded to a 3 on the GMFCS scale.

Determination, regular Botox injections and a self-funded programme of intensive therapy were responsible for this improvement. However, Christine told Village Buzz that these treatments are not long-term solutions because the effects of Botox only last a few months and intensive therapy costs between $3000-$5000 which is prohibitively expensive because it would have to be repeated three or four times every year.

The family began to hope again early in 2017 when Christine heard about SDR surgery from a mum whose child had successfully undergone the treatment and she and Darren began to investigate the possibility that it might benefit James too.

He was found to be a promising candidate but the surgery is not often performed in Australia meaning the family will have to travel to the St Louis Children's Hospital in the US where he can be operated on by leading specialist Dr Tae Sung Park.

The cost of travel, the surgery and intensive rehabilitation afterwards will cost $100,000 and so James's parents launched the Every Step Foundation to try to raise the necessary funds to relieve the pain their son suffers from and give him the best chance they can of living a normal life.

Christine explained that the SDR surgery will involve identifying the nerves rootlets leading out of James’s spine responsible for his muscle spasticity and cutting them. There will be plenty of physical therapy for him to undergo afterwards but his parents believe it will be worth it for the reduction in pain and discomfort and increased mobility it will bring.

Mum Christine believes the treatment will be successful and points out that the surgery has been performed thousands of times with many testifying to the positive effect it has had on their lives. James’ medical team are supportive of his parents’ decision to seek the treatment.

Without help from the community, however, it will be financially impossible for him to receive the treatment. The Every Step Foundation welcomes one-off or monthly donations at the link provided and will be holding events over the next few months to raise funds.

Donations are tax deductible. To donate, visit

Ladies are invited for a fundraising lunch at Hillstone St Lucia in October. It will be a day of fun to support James on his journey to an independent and pain-free future. Follow Every Step Foundation on Facebook for updates on events and to see James’ progress.

We at Village Buzz wish the Meyer family every success with their fundraising efforts and will be holding thumbs for James when he goes through his life-changing surgery later in the year.

Every Step Foundation




More information on SDR surgery




Fundraising Ladies Lunch

Date: 21 October 2017 at 11:00am

Location: Hillstone St Lucia, Carawa Street, St Lucia, QLD 4067.

Contact: Christine Meyer, 0422740304,


Kevin Turner Interviews Allie Coutts from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate About the Tender Process

Kevin:Last weekend's show, we were talking about the benefits of an auction. I had an email during the week from Madeleine Hicks' office. Madeleine, of course, no stranger to our show, has been on with us from time to time talking about the tender process. I thought that might make an interesting comparison between auction and tender, so joining me to talk about that, Allie Coutts, who is with Madeleine Hicks, of course. Allie, you have just done some recent tenders, I understand.

Allie Coutts:

Yes, we've been doing them for a few years now, since we've done a lot training on them. We've really seen the benefit to our vendors in following the tender process.
Kevin:Yeah, of course, tenders aren't all that common in residential, very common in commercial, of course. So what are the benefits as you see it for sellers in doing a tender, say over an auction?
Allie Coutts:


Firstly for an auction, you need at least two bidders that are actively engaged, and the highest bidder only needs to pay a little bit above whatever the underbidder has sent. Even though they may have had more money in their pocket or had seen greater values to the property, so that can be a bit tense for vendors who are waiting and watching all that activity.


With tender, it doesn't matter if there's only one interested party. That interested party, because they don't know what others are offering, must write down the figure that they are actually prepared to pay or where they really see value for the property.
Kevin:Do you find that buyers generally understand the tender process or do they have to be educated by you, because really they're going into a fairly blind situation, aren't they?` At least with an auction, the buyer can actually see how much interest there is there.
Allie Coutts:







Yes, true. I guess the only indicator for the buyer is the attendance at the open home, but yes, we do spend a great deal of time with buyers and educating. We have information packs that we share with them very readily, and also talk through the process. It's in the buyers best interest, too. It's actually worked quite nicely with first time buyers because I give them the tender pack, which includes the contract and encourage them to sit with their nearest and dear one, and then convey it to lawyers or their advisors to complete the contract and include the figure that they are able to do. It's actually done in the privacy of their own home, usually. Then they just submit their tender into the box, and if it's them that's selected then it's happy days.
Kevin:Well and good.
Allie Coutts:Yeah.


I guess there's another advantage with tender as well, that's one of the reasons why it's so popular with commercial properties or major development sites is that it doesn't have to be cash unconditional, which is what happens at an auction. It can actually have some conditions with it, can't it?
Allie Coutts:




Correct. Correct. Certainly, we encourage the unconditional, but there again, that's in the hands of the buyer as to what conditions they require. Then in the calm environment of the sellers home, they open up the tenders on a given time and date. They look through and compare figures, offers, and conditions or non-conditions and then make their choice accordingly.
Kevin:What happens in that process when you're sitting down with the owner and you're opening up all those tenders, if there's one there that's almost at the point where the seller will take it, do you have the ability then to go back and renegotiate with one or more of those tenders?

Allie Coutts:


Yes. It's actually ... We're working for the vendor, and so we will follow their instructions, but that is absolutely up to them. They don't have to accept any of them. They're under no pressure to do so. Usually they're on the market though because they're ready to move, so invariably, they will. In a couple of cases, the tenders that have been submitted were far below what the vendor was seeking, and so at that point, we just put a price on the property and continued to market it as normal.







We also run our tenders shorter than a typical auction campaign of four weeks. We generally run them for three, and in some cases where there's been great interest or where we know there will be a great deal of interest, we've even brought it down to four weeks. Again, that's actually up to vendors. If there's a particular buyer that is very keen to submit their offer early and to know prior to the due date, then they can do so, but it's not ... They can't put in multiple attempts.
Kevin:No, of course not.
Allie Coutts:But that is also an option that tenders can close early.
Kevin:There's an interesting insight for you into the world of tender. Helping us there, Allie Coutts, from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate. Allie, thank you very much for your time.
Allie Coutts:It's a pleasure, Kevin. Thank you.

Strong Growth Hidden In Brisbane’s Middle Ring: Everton Park Suburb Profile

Driven by a combination of land scarcity, population growth and a strong economic outlook, Brisbane’s housing market has shown no signs of slowing down – and it’s this positive outlook that is propelling investors and developers into Brisbane’s middle-ring.

As median house prices continue to soar upward of $600,000, both investors and developers alike are pursuing opportunities in Brisbane’s middle-ring suburbs in a move to deliver more affordable housing alternatives.

According to Paul Riga, Director at Urbis – whom has been actively tracking the performance of ‘blue chip’ suburbs particularly across the eastern seaboard – it appears some parallels can be drawn when comparing some of Sydney & Melbourne’s well known million dollar suburbs and a number of Brisbane’s quickly emerging middle-ring markets.

One particular suburb that closely compares to its Melbourne and Sydney counterparts is Everton Park, in Brisbane’s Northwest.

“Everton Park is characterised by a quickly developing local economy, increasing household incomes and disposable incomes, growth in property prices and relatively limited local retail and medical amenity,” Mr Riga said.

“If you look at Sydney and Melbourne suburbs located 8-9km from their respective CBD’s, a high proportion of these areas now have median house prices well in-excess of $1 Million. The drivers for these areas are the proximity to the CBD and connectivity to a wide range of amenity options – similar attributes to what Everton Park currently demonstrates”

“To those unacquainted with the area, Everton Park appears like many other suburbs across Brisbane however it is a rapidly growing and evolving locality, characterised by strong growth in new businesses, and a median house price that has grown by more than 20% over the past 5 years.”

A Quick Snapshot Of Everton Park’s Market

Some key insights into Everton Park are highlighted below:

  • Since 2013, the number of businesses in Everton Park has grown by approximately 8%
  • Median value for house sales is March quarter 2017 is $580,000
  • 5.7% average annual growth in median house sales (with land <1,000m2) – based on the period from March 2007 to March 2017.
  • The current median vacant land price (<1,000m2) is $433,750 for the March quarter 2017.
  • 7.5% average annual growth in median vacant land sales prices (<1,000m2) – based on the period from March 2007 to March 2017.

What This Means For Investors

Looking at Everton Park’s market metrics, it is clear that there is a trend toward growth as the market strengthens and cements its status as an aspirational and blue chip location.

Oliver Bagheri, Director at Rogerscorp, believes that while Everton Park presents as a great location, it is also imperative to identify the right project to invest in and develop – most importantly those that present an ability to be realised over the longer term in line with market forecasts.

“The best development opportunities in Everton Park will benefit from the capacity to deliver a range of end-uses which are likely to align with the expected growth in the area, which is something that developers and investors should bear in mind,” Mr Bagheri said.

“It is no secret the current market has its challenges, however taking a counter-cyclical perspective, Everton Park’s inevitable growth will play a big part in the successful development of opportunities that will be realised over the longer term.”

Opportunities In The Market

As Brisbane quickly matures as a city, it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate readily developable land which benefits from varied end-uses – let alone identifying land in emerging blue-chip locations.

One precinct that is perfectly positioned to benefit from the strengthening Everton Park market, is 768 Stafford Road – MONARC – a 10,000 square metre proposed mixed-use precinct in the heart of the suburb.

MONARC has been conceptualised drawing upon the successes of other destination precincts such as Emporium, Coorparoo Square, South-City Square and Nundah Village – and will fill a localised gap in the market for a mix of modern residential and service based medical, retail and commercial end-uses.

Marketing agents of MONARC, Chris O’Driscoll, and Darren Collins of CBRE believe that “MONARC represents Brisbane’s next destination precinct which at completion will represent a fully integrated hub of modern residential, retail, medical and commercial spaces poised to capture the longer term growth expected in Everton Park,” Mr O’Driscoll and Mr Collins said.

“The actual physical attributes of the precinct – its size, shape, servicing and accessibility – combine with its scale and varied uses to create immense strategic value if you also consider this alongside Everton Park’s attributes as well as the broader scarcity of these types of sites throughout Brisbane.”

“Since the precinct’s development timing isn’t to be fully realised in the current market, it doesn’t have to be developed immediately – meaning a longer term view can be taken of the site, allowing time to ensure the vision for the precinct can be properly realised over the long term”

Looking at the locational and market attributes of Everton Park, it is clear investors and developers should be turning toward this emerging suburb to secure long term mixed-use development opportunities.

“Rogerscorp is a privately owned & operated property development & advisory company which is currently developing in-excess of $150 million worth of residential, commercial & retail projects across South-East Queensland.”


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Local woman could be the highest-ranked female karateka in the world!

Here at Village Buzz we were intrigued to hear that a local woman will soon be heading out to Japan where she stands a chance of becoming one of the highest-ranked female karateka in the world.

Malwina Martin is an instructor at the Ho Shin Do Karate Club in Wilston Road, Newmarket, and is hoping to achieve her 5th Dan black belt grading in the Go Ju Ryu style of karate. She and other members of the club, including her husband Roderick, will attend a training camp, be graded and compete in the Japanese Karate Federation (JKF) nationals in Wakayama in August.

Pictured: At a recent training session to prepare for the trip to Japan were, from left, Janine Boothroyd, Ollie Martin, Maia Martin, Rod Martin, Malwina Martin, Luke Morrison
and Mia Anderson.

The club organises an annual trip to Japan to participate in a two-week camp held by Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi who is a prominent member of the JKF and an 8th Dan karateka himself. Senior karateka from around the world attend the camp which provides an opportunity for learning and socialising.

"We always learn a great deal from the training camps run by Fujiwara Sensei during which we train for six hours a day for two weeks," said Rod, who is chief instructor at the club. "The experience is incredibly demanding physically and mentally and feels like the equivalent of running a marathon every day for the same amount of time!"

Those who will be heading to Japan on July 22 include Rod, Malwina, their daughter Maia, their son Ollie and club members Dr Janine Boothroyd and Mia Anderson. If successful, the touring party will achieve some major milestones during the trip.

As already mentioned, Malwina hopes to gain her 5th Dan and Rod, who has been training for the past 35 years, will attempt his 6th Dan in the All Japan Karatedo Federation Gojukai. This will make him only the fourth person in Australia graded at that level in Japan.

We chatted with club members before a recent training session and were fascinated to hear about their motivations for participating in such a demanding sport and to hear of Rod’s hopes and plans for his younger charges.

Everyone was in agreement that karate has been a major force for good in their lives and said it not only keeps them fit, but the total concentration it demands helps them to de-stress by emptying their minds of everything. They also agreed that the training helps to improve self-discipline and teaches etiquette and respect for others.

Rod said that karate had been through a dip in Australia in the past few decades but there has recently been a resurgence, especially now it has been reinstated as an Olympic sport for 2020 in Tokyo. He has high hopes that his young charges including Maia, Mia and Luke Morrison (who won't be going to Japan this year) will reach their peak as karateka by 2024 and make a serious impression in the Olympics that year.

We at Village Buzz wished the touring party all the best and said we hoped they would kick serious butt while in Japan. Ollie Martin replied it was more likely the tourists would have their own butts kicked, but that it would be a great learning experience anyway.


Rod and Malwina Martin: Rod currently is hoping to gain a 6th Dan Japanese grading while Malwina will go for her 5th Dan and both will compete in the JKF Nationals in Wakayama. The couple met in Australia, moved to London to teach karate, returned here and started the Ho Shin Do club in 2005. Rod now runs GO2 Health in South Pine Road at Everton Park.

Janine Boothroyd: Janine will be going for her 4th Dan while on tour. She is the current Australian Veteran Kata Champion in the JKF Australia and will be competing in the JKF Nationals in Wakayama.

Maia Martin: Maia will be going for her 2nd Dan. She is the current Australian Go Ju Kai Kata Champion and will be flying home early from Japan to join the Queensland team and compete in the Australian Karate Federation (AKF) Nationals in Sydney.**

Mia Anderson is hoping to gain her 1st Dan in Japan. She fights in the contact division, is a member of the Australian National team and will also compete in the JKF Nationals. Mia has a history of various championship wins in Australia and we wish her the best.


** Ho Shin Do club member Luke Morrison who holds a 1st kyu Brown belt and fights in the points sparring division of kyu and Black belts, will be joining Maia in the Queensland team to do battle at the AKF Nationals in Sydney.

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An Everton Park Home Frozen in Time

Here at Village Buzz we thought we’d seen everything but we had to revise our opinion when we had a house at 22 Dargie Street in Everton Park's Trouts Estate brought to our notice.

Real estate agent Mary Di Marco from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate in Everton Park took us along for a sticky beak because she was bowled over not only by its size and location but by the lavish interior decoration. The house was built in 1970 and one of the last built as part of the Trouts Estate established by Sir Leon and Lady Peggy Trout.

The elegantly styled residence is impressive enough with its imposing brick exterior and hilltop location but it’s the interior that really takes your breath away. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that stepping through the front door is akin to entering a 1970s time capsule.

The superbly sized combined lounge/dining room, contains a fully working fountain, period carpets and wallpaper, a profusion of greenery and silk flowers, a selection of framed art and many ceramic figurines ranging from tiny to as large as half life-size.  This grand space opens via sliding doors to a spacious upper balcony the stunning views of both city and mountains.

The upper level comprises 3 large and uniquely styled bedrooms, all with built in robes and vanities including the master resplendent in beautiful pink furnishings and accessories. The bathroom with separate bath and shower and the largest vanity viewed for many years features gorgeous figurines with purple and mauve decorative highlights.

The lower level  rumpus room decorated in oriental style are no less impressive. We were frankly amazed at the period furnishings and the number of ornaments on display – all of which are included in the sale.

The house is perched on the escarpment provides  splendid view from two decks out towards the city and the mountains inland. Mary believes, and we agree, that the property has unlimited potential for the astute looking for a gracious period home suitable for entertaining.  The bonus is advantage of the second street frontage and the opportunity to subdivide.

The current owner designed this much-loved family home and has now reluctantly decided to sell

It is arguably one of choicer properties in Trouts Estate and built according to the covenant laid-down by Sir Leon when he developed the estate.  This covenant included t strictures such as a residence had to be a certain footprint within the property boundaries, no front fences, the homes had to be brick and have a tile roof.

The vision of Sir Leon Trout when he developed the estate was to create a Country Club and to establish the power and cabling below the street level, so no unsightly lines to obscure views.  Subsequent owners are not tied to the original covenant and have erected both front and side fences.  This vision was well before its time particularly in Brisbane.

Sir Leon and Lady Peggy, who lived at 19 Dargie Street, Everton Park undertook frequent trips to Europe and United States of America.  He based his ideas for the estate on country club estates they saw on their travels in the US.

Another feature of the Everton Park's Trouts Estate is the naming of the streets.  Sir Leon and Lady Peggy Trout were great patrons of the arts and their bequests can be viewed at the Queensland Art Gallery.  In particular they liked the artists of the Heidelberg School.  Surrounding streets include the names of McCubbin, Streeton, Bunny as well as Dargie, Raglass, Feint and O’Toole to name but a few of renown Australian Artists.

22 Dargie Street, Everton Park: The facts

  • Asking $1-million +
  • 812m2 block with frontage on two streets and potential for sub-division
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • X-large workshop
  • Double lockup garage – internal access
  • Two-level outdoor living
  • Gorgeous combined living/dining area

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Should You Keep Or Sell Your Property Located in a Gentrifying Suburb?

Should You Keep Or Sell Your Property Located in a Gentrifying Suburb

Predicting the next suburb to turn from bogan to batch-brew has long been a sure-fire investment strategy. We ask, what are the cues for selling your property located in a gentrifying suburb?

Hipster’ suburbs such as Brunswick and Fitzroy in Melbourne and Darlinghurst in Sydney have well and truly gentrified. So, will your suburb be next? And if so, should you keep your property or sell?

5 signs that your suburb is gentrifying:

1. A coffee shop influx. Put it this way, baristas won’t survive unless they’re in an area where there are youthful, suit-wearing locals. Small, hole-in-the-wall coffee shops offering a ‘black’ or ‘green’ latte have hipster written all over it.

2. Art. These days, industrial, arty, graffiti-filled streets are all the hype.

3. Old warehouse buildings revamped into shared office space.

4. Small dogs. Sausage dogs and French bulldogs in particular.

5. Old warehouse buildings revamped into shared office space.

So, should you sell your property now or wait?

Should You Keep Or Sell Your Property Located in a Gentrifying Suburb

If you’re ready to move on, and your property is in the heart of a suburb on the verge of booming, choosing to sell now could be the best decision. However be careful, your suburb may be ‘hip and happening’, but if your property isn’t close to a busy strip, public transport or arterial roads, it might be worth holding onto for now – at least until your suburb is further developed. If you’re not already renting your property out, perhaps consider doing so – young professionals will pay big bucks to live amongst a gentrifying suburb.

It’s a great idea to start by chatting to your local real estate agent. If you’re unsure of whether to sell now, a good agent will be able to give you the low down on local properties similar to yours and an indication of whether now is the right time to sell. We know that Justin Hicks is the most Hip Real Estate agent is this area so he will be able to give you the good oil on what happening in this area.

You can contact Justin at 0422 292 268


Can these 50 year olds save Australian Cricket?

local cricketers play for Australia

local cricketers play for Australia

Local lads hit it out of the park

Three players from our area have been selected for the Australian Over 50s Cricket Team which is about to set off on an inaugural tour to the UK.

Team selection occurred at a cricket carnival held in Sydney last November. Paul Stenhouse from Alderley, was chosen as captain of the Cricket Australia-sanctioned team while Geoff Doyle (McDowall) and Michael Munro (Albany Creek) made the side as well.

One of three Queensland teams participating in the carnival, included Paul, Geoff and Michael in its ranks, eventually won the carnival and are proud holders of the trophy.

"I hadn't been expecting it and I got goosebumps when I received a call telling me I had been chosen as captain of the touring team," said Paul. "We are all incredibly proud to be part of Australia's first-ever Over 50s Cricket Tour and have the honour of wearing the baggy green while representing this great country of ours."

The forthcoming tour will run from July 13 to August 12 and will include 15 one-day games against English country sides, two games against representative English sides and one against a Welsh side.

"It's a lot of cricket to play in a relatively short time but we plan to give a good account of ourselves. The greatest challenge will be to manage the impact on our bodies but we will have a squad of 18 players which will allow us an occasional rest,” said Paul.

"I have personally trained harder for this tour than I ever did in the 43 seasons I have played cricket and I'm sure the other team members have put in an equal effort."

Over 50s Cricket is very strong in the UK but still in its infancy here in Australia. Paul, Geoff and Michael believe that the tour will help to spread the word that players can still enjoy representative cricket well past the age when they thought they'd have to retire. They also hope there will be many more tours and that veteran’s cricket will go from strength to strength in the country.

We at Village Buzz hope so too and we would like to wish our newest (we couldn't say youngest, now could we?) national team every success on tour and look forward to keeping you updated with their results.

Quick player profiles

Paul Stenhouse: Paul was born in Rockhampton where he played cricket most afternoons in the backyard. He has played for the Easts/Redlands Cricket Club for many years and won the First Grade Premiership and the XXXX One Day Final. He also played professionally in Lancashire where he took 125 wickets and scored 1250 runs in a season. His will be the second baggy green in the family and he reckons his dad would have been extremely proud of that.

Geoff Doyle: Geoff has played cricket for many years and has held a number of responsible roles in the sport. He has represented Australia in triathlon and is looking forward to again experiencing the passion and pride that comes from being part of an Australian team.

Michael Munro: Michael joined Gold Crest Cricket Club when he was 16 and is now in his 36th season playing for them. He played for 10 years as vice-captain in the team captained by his father which won the Warehouse Cricket Association annual competition. Things have now come full circle and he currently plays as vice-captain in a team captained by his son and which won the same competition.


Last Chance to get Queensland First Home Owner’s Grant

Queensland First Home Owner's Grant

Unlock your new home sooner

The Queensland First Home Owners' Grant has been boosted to $20,000, but only until 30 June 2017.

The Queensland First Home Owners' Grant is a state government initiative to help first home owners to get their new first home sooner. Depending on the date of your contract, you’ll get $15,000 or $20,000 towards buying or building your new house, unit or townhouse (valued at less than $750,000). You can even buy off the plan or choose to build yourself. It’s a great opportunity to buy or build a new home in our great state.

How a Queensland First Home Owners' Grant can help you

  • If you're thinking of buying or building a new home, this could be what gets you started.
  • It could get you something more than you were expecting.
  • It can get you into your first home sooner.

Sony a500Queensland First Home Owner's Grant0

The $20,000 Queensland First Home Owners' Grant is not available to contracts that replace previous contracts entered into before 1 July 2016.

To be eligible for the grant:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (or applying with someone who is).
  • You or your spouse must not have previously owned property in Australia.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be buying or building a brand new home, valued under $750,000.
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Neighbour Day Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Madeleine Hicks real Estate

Egg-Cellent Fun For The Kids!

Neighbour Day Easter Egg HuntSunday, 9th of April will be an egg-celent day for everyone. As Madeleine says, “This will be an amazing opportunity for our neighbours to learn and hopefully participate in some of our great local community groups."

Except for Easter Egg Hunt Event, we are also celebrating our annual Neighbour Day that makes our community great, so it will be a great fun. The morning will comprise of a FREE easter egg hunt, FREE face painting, FREE kids activities including egg and spoon races, potato sack races, blow up soccer and of course, a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Not only that! Twenty local community organisations will be holding stalls and Brisbane Brass Music Association will be performing during the morning, according to Mr. Mander. The Neighbour Day Easter Egg Hunt is absolutely FREE family friendly event which celebrates the approaching Easter festivities and our amazing local community groups.

So we are now inviting families to join us from 9am at Teralba Park in Everton Park for this community event.

The Neighbour Day Easter Egg Hunt is hosted by local real estate agency Madeleine Hicks Real Estate and Tim Mander MP.


Easter Egg Hunt Madeleine Hicks real Estate


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Mary Di Marco discussing the superb Trouts estate at Everton park


Hello, I'm Mary Di Marco from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate, and I want to give you some interesting information about the area that I love.

I live in Everton Park, and one of the fabulous areas there is referred to as Trout's estate. Sir Leon and Lady Trout made this estate and develop this estate probably about 45 to 50 years ago. Sir Leon was a leading figure within the Art Gallery circles and Lady, Peggy Trout was a socialite. They built the house at 19 Dargie Street. A beautiful white contemporary bungalow, it was called at a time, and they developed all of the local streets.



Trouts estate is bounded by Old Northern Rd, Flockton Street, Heflin street and Felstead street. And within that precinct, you will find there is a group of homes which named after named after Australian Artists. These artists include the artists from the Heidelberg School including Streeton, McCubbins, and some of the other artists that were highly regarded in that era.

Sir Leon Trout decided when he developed his estate that he wanted to maintain a country club effect. The same as he'd seen when he was visiting America. Peggy was a socialite and she did like visiting with luminaries overseas, and also movie stars and people within theatre over there.

When he came back, he decided he would do the development of the estate. There was a covenant put on the properties. For everybody who purchased, he could not build a front fence, your house had to be a certain footprint within the land size. And you weren't allowed to have metal roof it had to be tiled. You'll notice that some of the properties that fall within the precinct of Trouts Estate now do have front fences. These are the ones that have been on sold, and the people weren't tied to the original covenant.

The beauty of this estate as well as the size, and the location of the houses is that they were no about ground power lines. Everything was done underground, and this is added to the value of properties that is sold in the area.

Homes that are comparable to those in surroundings and suburbs Stafford Heights and Stafford, McDowall, always achieve a little bit less if it's the same size and shape and ages the properties in Trouts Estate because of the value of these added features.

Sir Leon was very much at the fore front of development at the time and he enabled buyers to move into the area to enjoy a lovely lovely aspect. Beautiful views from some of the streets including Dargie and Namatjira St. and then further over as you walk on towards Flockton St. you get houses that have also got view over the local surroundings.

The majority of the homes in the area have swimming pools, and as well as that they have got really good size bedrooms, and updated kitchens and bathrooms make them look quite luxurious.

I hope you enjoy my talk and I look forward to giving you an update on another area on the future.