Come Along to Our Christmas Party


The team at Madeleine Hicks Real Estate Would like to invite you to our 5th Annual Community Christmas Party.  Everyone is welcome, we only ask that you bring along a donation for the Smith Family's Toy & Book Appeal.



What is The Smith Family’s Toy and Book Appeal?

The Smith Family’s Toy & Book Appeal is your opportunity to help bring a smile to a disadvantaged child’s face this Christmas. Sadly, thousands of Australian kids will go without receiving a gift this holiday season simply because their families can’t afford it. This year, with your help, The Smith Family aim to deliver over 60,000 new toys and 40,000 new books to children in need around Australia.

Community-Christmas-PartyOur Toy & Book appeal is part of our Christmas ‘Stocking Exchange’ which provides gifts to children in need, allowing them to feel a sense of belonging this Christmas. Your generous gifts will help them acquire the skills and knowledge they need to build a better future.

Thank you for your generosity. After all, it’s only Christmas when we share it.

The Smith Family has a long and proud association with Christmas. The organisation was founded in 1922 when five businessmen decided to deliver toys to orphans on Christmas Eve. Since then we have grown, developed and changed to meet the needs of an ever-changing society, but we still deliver toys and books to disadvantaged children at Christmas.


Donations most needed

Currently there is a significant shortage of gifts for children 9 - 12 years of age. Your donation to these age categories would be greatly appreciated.



Currently we accept new toys, books and educational items for 0 – 12 year olds.

  • All gifts received must not be wrapped
  • All toys should be no bigger than a school backpack
  • Please ensure batteries are included if they are required to operate the toy
  • Ensure you are able to deliver your donated toys and books during the specified timeframe. Toys cannot be accepted outside of these collection periods. Due to limited resources The Smith Family is unable to pick-up toys and books.


Items we don’t accept

  • Large items i.e. bikes, hula-hoops, adult cricket bats, large doll houses, ride ons, tennis set
  • Second hand or handmade toys
  • Clothes and Manchester including costumes
  • Toiletries – perfume, make-up
  • Toys that replicate weapons i.e. guns, knives
  • Religious items i.e. books, figurines
  • Calendars & diaries
  • Candles and lamps
  • Adult games or videos
  • Items used for marketing a brand or company i.e.fast food items/toys
  • Breakable items i.e. porcelain dolls / tea sets
  • Items that contain liquid
  • Food
  • CD’s and video gamesCommunity-Christmas-Party
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What would you like to see from this election?

With the 2017 State election set down for November 25, we are already half way through the campaign.

So what does that mean for the local area.

Queensland is divided into 93 state electoral districts. In a state government election you are voting for a representative who will make decisions and choices about issues that affect all Queensland residents. Some would argue that the State governments are the most important in delivering the day to day services that we all need and enjoy. Some of the responsibilities of state government representatives include:

  • health, ambulance and hospital services
  • employment and education services
  • transport, planning and infrastructure
  • tourism, events and the arts
  • rural and regional development
  • family and community support and development services.

There are 3 electorates in our region Aspley, Everton  and Stafford

Tracey Davis is the sitting member for the LNP in Aspley, Tim Mander is the LNP member for Everton and Dr Anthony Lynham the Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural resources and Mines is the sitting member for the ALP in Stafford.Everton Park election

We have seen some promises being made with $10M being made available for the refurbishment and upgrade of the 30 year old Everton Park High School.  This is a welcome injection into a school at only a few years ago was set to be closed.

Whilst last week both major parties announced that $26m would be made available to ease congestion at the South Pine and Stafford Rd intersection.  The plan is to build a new link road from Stafford Rd to South Pine Rd just to the east of the old Masters building.  The land is already available so it just needs to be done.

For anyone that travels through this intersection you know only too well how slow it can be, so Village Buzz is pleased that finally something might be done here.

During an election campaign it seems that the politicians or want to be politicians start to listen to what the people are saying, so lets record all of your good ideas and see if we can get some common sense to prevail.


Tell us what you would like to see happen in our local areas.


Movember – Help Us Help Aussie Blokes

Justin Hicks madeleine hicks real estate

madeleine hicks real estate movemberThe idea for Movember was born in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia. In the first-ever Movember challenge, a group of 30 Aussie friends (self-proclaimed “Mo Bros”) challenged each other to grow out their moustaches for an entire month, simply to see if they could bring the style back to popularity. Surprised by their bold moustaches’ ability to spark conversation, the founders decided to attach the challenge to a worthy yet overlooked cause: men’s health and The Movember Foundation was born.

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent.

That’s why we’re taking action.

The team at Madeleine Hicks Real Estate are joining in to raise money this year for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Donate today and we can be the difference. We can stop men dying too young.

You can donate here https://moteam.co/team-mhre?mc=1

With a target of $2000 an incentive has been put out to the local community where, Justin Hicks will shave his luscious beardJustin Hicks madeleine hicks real estate

An even larger challenge has been set with Patrick Hicks prepared to shave off his moustache if $5000 is raised.  This has been a beloved lifelong companion of Patrick and even though is starting to look a little faded is still a distinguishing mark of the man.

Remember you can donate here https://moteam.co/team-mhre?mc=1

Allie Coutts from madeleine hicks real estate movember

To kick off and celebrate the start of Movember, here are 15 fascinating facts about moustaches.


  1. The King of Hearts is the only king in a deck of cards without a mustache.

  2. The average man spends six months of his life shaving and moustache grooming (assuming he begins around 15 and lives to be around 75).

  3. In Eureka, Nevada, it is illegal for men with moustaches to kiss women.

  4. Mary Di Marco madeleine hicks real estate movemberPolice in India’s Madhya Pradesh state are sometimes paid bonuses to grow their mustaches, because they’re believed to command more respect.

  5. How’s this for moustache grooming? Noblemen in the Victorian era ate soup with special ‘moustache spoons’ equipped with small barriers to protect their moustaches, according to uselessdaily.com.

  6. In 1967, The Beatles included cardboard mustaches in their album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, because the band members were all sporting mustaches on the cover.

  7. The first historical artefact depicting a moustache dates back to 300 B.C. It shows an Iranian horseman with a thick, black moustache.

  8. A study by the University of Southern Queensland in Australia found that facial hair can protect skin and prevent skin cancer by deflecting 90 to 95 percent of harmful UV rays.

  9. Hayden Owens Madeleine hicks real estate movemberThere are between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on a man’s face, and the average mustache has 600.

  10. According to Guinness World Records, Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record for longest moustache, spanning 14 feet long. He has been growing it since 1982, after a friend with a 7-foot-long moustache suggested it.

  11. Moustaches are capable of absorbing 20 percent of their own weight in liquid, which makes them very handy in the event of spillage.

  12. The average man will touch his ‘stache upwards of 750 times per day, averaging 31.25 times per hour.

  13. Alexander the Great made all his soldiers shave their mustaches before the battle of Ardela.

  14. The World Beard and Moustache Championships have taken place annually since 1990, and Anchorage, Alaska has sent a record number of entrants.

  15. Albert Einstein was not seen without his moustache for over 50 years.

Remember you can donate here https://moteam.co/team-mhre?mc=1

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Fighting the good fight against tooth decay

villagebuzz, Dental Pearls

Karuna Khatri, dental camp co-ordinator Bishnu Shrestha and Pascale Pocock at their hotel in Kathmandu before setting out on their trip.

Here at Village  Buzz we've been reporting on our community for a long time but are still constantly amazed at the interesting and valuable things that our people find to get up to.

We came across a case recently when we heard that Winsor local Pascale Pocock, a dental assistant, had just returned from Nepal. She and her employer Dr. Karuna Khatri had been on a trip to remote areas in the country to provide urgently-needed dental treatment to the villagers there.

Karuna, the owner of the Dental Pearls dental practice in Brisbane, has been traveling to underprivileged areas for the last 10 or 11 years to provide dental services to people who would otherwise have to live with the pain of a toothache.


Karuna Khatri and Pascale Pocock hard at work on a Nepalese patient.

She initially worked in India but for the last three years has spent two weeks in Nepal every year. She was accompanied by her assistant Pascale for the first time last year and the intrepid pair repeated went again in September this year.

The trips are organized by the Rotary World Community Service in Sydney and are facilitated by a Nepalese NGO which provides transport, equipment, and a local dentist to accompany them. The NGO prepares the ground by visiting the area and negotiating with village heads to obtain permission to hold clinics in local schools or sheds.

Karuna and Pascale flew into Kathmandu on their recent trip where they were teamed up with Nepalese dentist Biplop Adhikari and set out for their first clinic at a remote village. Nepal is a mountainous country and Karuna, in a masterpiece of understatement, described the roads they encountered as 'interesting'.

village buzz

Pascale Pocock gives village school children dental hygiene hints.

On arrival at a scheduled stop, the dentists set up their portable equipment and began treating patients – some of whom had walked for two days from their home villages to attend the clinic. The two dentists routinely treated up to 80 patients a day and many of these would have a number of teeth needing filling or extraction.

A Western diet and sugary drinks, in particular, have done the Nepalese no favours, said Karuna, which means their teeth are often in an appalling condition exacerbated by the fact that many have never brushed their teeth.

For this reason, education on dental hygiene is very important with patients in the queue waiting for treatment being shown videos on how to care for their teeth. Some toothbrushes were handed out along the way but Karuna and Pascale were severely limited by the amount of equipment and other gear they could carry with them.

village buzz

A village school teacher assists Pascale Pocock in providing dental hygiene hints to the children.

Karuna reflects that she has been very fortunate in her own life and that her voluntary trips over the last 11 years were a way for her to pay back and assist people less fortunate. The satisfaction of going out and helping people to live pain-free lives is huge for her and enhanced by the welcoming people and the beautiful scenery of the country.

The trips are such an overwhelmingly positive experience that one tends to get hooked, she says, so there seems to be little doubt that she and Pascale will be back in Nepal next year fighting the good fight against tooth decay.


Karuna Khatri hands over a curing light for fillings to be used by other dentists in the region.

Donations to Rotary to support the work in Nepal can be claimed as tax deductions and made at:https://donations.rawcs.com.au/Default.aspx?ProjectID=214

Thanks to Allan Jackson for another great story!


Australian Bichon Frise Rescue

villagebuzz, dog, dog rescue

villagebuzz, dog, dog rescue

When I hear Powder and Puff all I think about is all things fluff….. well Bichon Frise doggie fluff that is. This week I want to share a local hero that I’ve discovered, Katie Heneker. Katie has an incredible passion for rescuing those Bichon Frise who wasn't fortunate to be part of loving, caring families.

Bichon Frise is a dog breed that originated from the Mediterranean Barbet, originally Barbichon, but the French shortened the name to Bichon and added the word “Frise” which means frizzy. These medium-sized dogs have a wonderfully happy, somewhat cheeky, playful nature and are really outgoing. They are cute little dogs and are great for anyone with allergies because they don’t shed. Because of this, they require more than average grooming and sadly, some owners reject them due to this. They are also popular with backyard breeders who unfortunately only see them as profit-making machines.

Thankfully there is an Australian Rescue group who work hard to rehome these poor pups.

Seeing the need for rescue funds, a lovely existing Bichon Frise owner, Katie Heneker, decided to do something.

So in May this year with only $400 in donations, she started an online store specialising in all things for smaller doggies, not just for Bichons! All profits going back to rescuing Bichon Frise and their crossbreeds in Australia. Katie started with 5 products and now stocks over 50 products. She works closely with the Australian Bichon Frise Rescue group. Keeping her dream alive also is the very generous Bichon Frise community through Facebook Australia wide. Her site now has over 650 members worldwide. Katie conducts many other fundraising activities each month with all money donated back to Australian Bichon Frise Rescue.

Katie’s vision is to be able to rescue every Bichon Frise and Bichon Frise cross that they find needing rehoming and rescuing. At the moment, they have to concentrate primarily on non-desexed females to save them from puppy farms and being over bred with no quality of life. With the online shop only being relatively new, it is not quite generating the level of profits required for rescuing all dogs just yet. However, with Katie’s vision and her passion, the future is looking a lot better for these beautiful dogs.

Donations direct to Australian Bichon Frise Rescue are soon to be tax deductible, as they are in the final stages of setting up as a not-for-profit organisation. These donations will be possible through Facebook and Paypal.

Donations can also be made to Powder and Puff via the online store, with receipts available too.

Katie has just produced the cutest of calendars for next year, and Christmas goodies for dogs are now instore and also available to be ordered. She is also giving away a dog pram in November and to enter you just need to make a donation through the Powder and Puff shop. There is also an online auction planned as well through Facebook. Stay tuned.

Katie loves the Northside and believes it’s the best place to be in Brisbane.

Don’t forget if you’re looking for a doggie present, something special or just want to help out rescue some of these cuties go to www.powderandpuffallthingsbichon.com.au
you’ll feel good too, guaranteed.

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Arana Hills retains ‘village’ feel despite proximity to Brisbane CBD


SOME 10km from Brisbane’s CBD is a suburb possessing “village” warmth, where locals hope urban sprawl and greedy developers never taint their way of life.

Arana Hills, despite being a similar distance from the CBD as Upper Mt Gravatt and Chermside, has so far escaped being picked over by developers.

One reason may be because it sits beyond Brisbane City Council’s reach and under Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Local business owners and siblings Kristy and Stephen Soderholm said they hoped developers never invaded and destroyed the great community feel that defined the suburb.

“A lot of people like it here because there is still very much a village feel, and we are really worried about losing that because that is what makes the area,” Ms Soderholm said.

“You really do feel you are close to the City, but we have been able to maintain that village atmosphere, and that’s what we are worried about losing over the next five years.”

The Soderholms’ parents started the Arana Hills 7 Day Hardware Store, opposite the Arana Hills Plaza, in 1983, with the siblings since taking over.

Ms Soderholm said some of their customers spanned three generations of the one family, while lately there appeared to be a strong influx of Europeans.

“There are a lot of younger families in the area, and it definitely is becoming more multicultural, with a lot more Europeans and South Africans, but we also get a few Scandinavians dropping in,” she said.

“We are getting the children of customers coming in and even the grandchildren of our original customers.”


Salon operator Claire Mock is an overseas-born resident of Arana Hills. Picture: Darren Cartwright
According the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Arana Hills has a population of 6810.

The top five ancestry responses to the 2016 Census were English (29.8 per cent), Australian (27.1), Irish (10.8), Scottish (9.1) and German (5.1).

However Australia was the top country of birth, followed by England, New Zealand and South Africa.

Hair Unlimited salon owner Claire Mock, who emigrated from South Africa less than five years ago, originally opened her store in Ferny Hills before relocating to Arana Hills earlier this year.

She said many of her clients were aged 30 to 50 and were very down-to-earth.

“I moved here five months ago and it’s the best thing I could have done,” she said.

“It’s a better location business-wise and it’s a lovely suburb with down-to-earth, ordinary folk.”

Local real estate agent Simon Whitehead said Arana Hills may have escaped Brisbane City Council’s 2014 Urban Renewal Plan — which will transform areas around nearby Ferny Hills and Mitchelton train stations — but there would still be some changes.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council has approved pockets of development around Arana Hills Plaza under its Next Generation Neighbourhood Plan.

“The average-sized house block was 600sq m and pretty much the minimum until the changes to the town panning a couple of years ago,” he said.

“The area around Arana Hills Plaza has been rezoned, which entails more high-density, so you can subdivide or go to the townhouse unit option.

“There are some units and apartments in and around Arana Hills Plaza already, but about 95 per cent of the dwellings are houses.”

The median house price for Arana Hills is tracking at $537,500 after finishing at $525,750 in 2016 and $497,000 in 2015.
On average about two houses sell a week, and Mr Whitehead said there were a lot of interstate buyer’s agents sniffing around the suburb because of its proximity to the CBD.

“For properties up to $600,000 you are looking at about 40 per cent sold going to interstate investors and the rest would be first home buyers,” he said.

“The big selling point is the distance from CBD, and it provides the happy medium between strong, happy growth and higher rental return.”

Despite being known as a family friendly suburb, Arana Hills has no schools within its boundary.

The nearest education centres are Grovely State School, Ferny Hills State, Mitchelton State High and Primary Schools, St William’s Catholic, Patricks Road State School, St William’s Grovely Catholic Primary School and TAFE Queensland, Grovely.

The suburb also relies heavily on public buses, with the nearest train station, Grovely, about 1km from the plaza.

Mr Whitehead said the lack of local schools and a train station certainly hasn’t held the suburb back.

It sits at the foot of Bunya State Forest and the most expensive houses in Arana Hills, which were only built in the nineties, have sweeping views of the surrounding suburbs and parkland.

The record sale for Arana Hills was in Yarraman St million and it was once the home of a Broncos legend, said Mr Whitehead.

“Arlington Estate was built in the late 90s and Yarraman St has had the most expensive sale,” he said

“It’s the house Shane Webcke once lived and it sold for $1.080 million.

‘The houses back on to Bunya State Forest which has bike and walking tracks and picnic areas.”

Council Urges Residents To ‘Plan Your Brisbane’

As Brisbane prepares for a population increase of up to 400,000 by 2041, residents are being invited to help guide the future of the city and suburbs, with the launch of Brisbane City Council’s Plan Your Brisbane project.


Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said council was launching a city-wide conversation.

“Plan Your Brisbane is designed to give everyone the chance to have their say about the future of our city: what they like, what they want to change and how the next chapter of our city should be shaped,” Cr Quirk said.

“We want to hear what people want to see for our city and our suburbs, whether that is more green space, more leisure and lifestyle options, more public transport options or less traffic congestion.

“People have already told us that Brisbane is a great place to live, work and relax – but our city is growing and we need to plan for the future.”

Cr Quirk said that with a number of city-shaping projects currently underway, it was important for the community to be part of creating a vision for Brisbane.

“With works on the Queens Wharf project and Howard Smith Wharves revitalisation well underway, as well as the second runway under construction at the Brisbane Airport and the Brisbane Metro starting, it is important that Brisbane takes advantage of these city-shaping opportunities,” he said.

“Community can guide our plans for future growth, whether that is maintaining the character of our suburbs, focusing development around public transport options or building new place-making destinations, Plan Your Brisbane will give residents the chance to keep Brisbane heading in the right direction.”

Plan Your Brisbane will involve a city-wide series of events, school activities and interactive digital opportunities for people to voice their views on city priorities and get involved in the conversation about Brisbane’s future.

Residents can get involved with Plan Your Brisbane by completing a short survey or visiting Council’s interactive displays.

The initiative follows the Queensland Government’s recently released South East Queensland Regional Plan, which requires Brisbane to accommodate approximately 188,000 more dwellings by 2041 to cater for a growing population of around 386,000 new residents.

Cloud 9 Studio Sandgate

Discarding our winter bods and being fit and healthy for summer can be a chore but not at Cloud 9 Studio Sandgate.

I love discovering vibrant and exciting businesses that offer something different and have passionate owners. Cloud 9 Studio, in the heart of Sandgate Village and its owner Kerry Jeffs definitely meet that criteria and more.

Cloud 9 Studio is a culmination of Kerry’s work over the past 10 years in the fitness industry. She has created the “missing link” by providing an affordable alternative to personal training. She is also an accomplished author with her book Enough is Enough - I Want My Body Back. Kerry is proud that she is turning lives around with some impressive results. Amazing wholesome recipes is also part of her holistic vision to good health.

Kerry provides her members with the flexibility to book into a session via the timetable on an app. The sessions are limited to 4 people (for weights) and 6 people for cardio and Pilates sessions.

When Kerry’s clients want to achieve a particular goal she sets up their first meeting to clarify their plan; from there they choose the ideal session types to suit their own particular needs and then it’s up to them to choose a time and day, via the app and simply turn up to be greeted by their coach.

Anyone who has loved having a personal trainer before are blown away with the value of getting 4 sessions each week for the same price as 1 personal training session.

Being born and bred on the Northside of Brisbane Kerry loves the slower pace and open feel of Bramble Bay right on her doorstep. Cloud 9 Studio is a 5 minute walk from the beautiful Sandgate foreshore where it’s easy to go for a walk and de-stress from day to day pressures.

Kerry is also a huge supporter of local schools and mental health events. She is currently hosting a number of Mental Health Workshops with local Psychologist Lisa Johnson providing free workshops to the community. She also happily donates prizes to local events.

Kerry’s vision for the future is to franchise her idea and see many more Cloud 9 Studios pop up so more people can reap the benefits of personalised sessions without the usual high costs. She would also love to mentor trainers that have the passion and bring back the “attention to detail” creating an ultimate experience within the fitness industry. As a keen supporter of mental health education Kerry would love to see mental health issues more freely addressed within the fitness industry and easily incorporated into wellbeing workshops.

On Wednesday 11 October Cloud 9 Studio will be hosting their next community Wellness Workshop at 6pm for members of the community to be part of a mental health workshop.

I asked Kerry to draw on her inner child and she said she would love to have one wish of Cloud 9 Studios being everywhere allowing everyone access to experience a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Cloud 9 Studio is located at Shop 2, 67 Brighton Road, Sandgate and open weekdays from 5am to 7.30pm and Saturdays from 7am until 12 Noon.


3,700 families in Queensland who are living with, loving and supporting a child with a life-limiting condition.

It’s amazing what can be achieved when we all pull together to change the lives of those in need. At any given time, there are 3,700 families in Queensland who are living with, loving and supporting a child with a life-limiting condition. Life-limiting means that a child is not likely to reach the age of 18 and in some circumstances their life expectancy may be much shorter.

Hummingbird House is a medically supported home away from home that provides short break stays, family support, creative therapies and care at the end of life. It’s a place where kids can be kids, families can reconnect and precious memories can be created. This wonderful idea was co-founded by Paul and Gabrielle Quillam who have made it their mission to build Hummingbird House after fostering a child affected by a life-limiting condition.

Hummingbird House offers 8 guest-in-care bedrooms, five family accommodation suites and a unique care at the end of life suite, all in a purpose-built environment and they offer support programs for the whole family. Their vision is to continue providing family focused care based on world class standards.

To continue their work Hummingbird House needs $2.4 million dollars every year to operate and to continue providing free services to the families who need them the most. They are a state-wide service providing care at Hummingbird House and also to families in their home and community. We can all help them achieve this and a little bit goes a long way and by supporting any of the following fundraising efforts knowing that it is going to an extremely worthy cause.

This weekend on Friday 6 October 50 corporate women will be riding 300kms from Byron Bay to Brisbane across 3 days. This group of women have raised over $350,000 for this inaugural womens’ 300 event. The event will be supporting Hummingbird House, Queensland's only children's hospice as the major charity partner and Youth Advocacy Centre as the minor charity partner.

On Saturday 7 October from 10am - 3pm Hummingbird House is holding an Open Day to the community as part of Brisbane Open House. Entry is free, so you can bring the whole family to take a tour of our house, enjoy our jumping castle, animal farm, face painting and so much more. There is a sausage sizzle, coffee van and a cake bake stall. They will be holding a raffle, and have lots of Hummingbird House merchandise available for sale also including their very own gorgeous Hummingbird plush toy.

On 8 October the 50 Chain Reaction women will be completing their ride at Victoria Park Golf Course. They would love for you to join Hummingbird House at Victoria Park Golf Course at 2pm to cheer on these amazing women as they cross the finish line. There are lots of fun activities for the whole family with free food, drinks and parking.

Until the 24th of October over 167 Coles stores throughout Queensland are running a fundraising campaign raising much needed funds for Hummingbird House. So pop into your local Coles store, buy a $2 token and support Hummingbird House today!

On the 5th of November, the Albert Street Uniting Church is hosting 'Duelling Organs' an afternoon of amazing pipe organ entertainment with all proceeds going to Hummingbird House.

Donations can also be made through their facebook page or via their website. Like them, love them and share their wonderful work! Their Facebook page is Hummingbird House. After all it's all about the kids.



Riverfire is turning 20


Brisbane’s biggest fireworks display is returning to South Bank! On Saturday, 30 September, Sunsuper Riverfire will ignite the evening sky with a brilliant explosion of colour. There’ll also be free, family-friendly entertainment in the lead-up – read on to plan your day.

Tell us in the comments below where is your favourite location to watch the Riverfire from! 

Riverfire South Bank turning 20


What’s on

Anzac Centenary Commemorations

While you’re waiting for the main event, make sure you head to South Bank Piazza for a host of free Anzac commemorations. Live music and performances will run from 11am-4pm, and they include important stories such as what it was like for our soldiers one hundred years ago while they prepared for the Battles of Polygon Wood and Beersheba, and the tale of the Anzacs and Australian Light Horsemen.  From 10am-4pm, kids can enjoy badge-making, write a letter of peace to our current serving Australian men and women, pat a live horse and see a real Australian Light Armoured Vehicle.

Aerial display

The Australian Defence Force will conduct an aerial display in the afternoon:

3.30pm RAAF Roulettes Display
4.30pm ARMY Helicopter Display (4 x MRH 90)
5pm RAAF C-17A Globemaster fly over
5.15pm ARMY Helicopter Display (4 x MRH 90)
5.40pm RAAF EA18G Growler display
7.05pm RAAF EA18G Growler fly over to signal start of fireworksRiverfire South Bank turning 20


At 7pm the piece de resistance, the fireworks, begin. The fireworks run for more than 20 minutes and include a mix of rooftop and river-barge launching stations. This year also marks Riverfire’s 20th anniversary, so the soundtrack will be specially programmed to feature hits from 1998 and onwards.

Vantage points

Riverfire is famous for its array of vantage points, right across the city. If you’re heading to South Bank to see the fireworks, mark these areas on your hit list:

The Clem Jones Promenade

With prime river frontage, there is no better place to see the show than the Clem Jones Promenade. Anywhere along this pristine location will guarantee sweeping views, but it does fill up quickly (avid Riverfire fans stake out their spots during the morning and afternoon), so make sure you get there early to secure a good location. Please note that in the interests of crowd safety, erecting a sunshade tent or chairs on the Promenade is not permitted at any time of day.

Treasury Brisbane Arcadia – The Cultural Forecourt

As the hub of the Brisbane Festival with a mix of eateries and outdoor bars, Arcadia is a great place to stop and enjoy the fireworks. Just remember that due to its pop-up venues, this space will have standing room only.

Streets Beach and surrounds

It’s a pretty rare treat to be able to watch fireworks over the CBD from the water, but Streets Beach and the Boat Pool offer water babies just that! The perfect place to cool down on a warm spring day; it’s also a great way to keep the kids amused while they count down the minutes to the next plane, helicopter or fireworks. It’s also a short hop-skip-jump to the food vendors for lunch, dinner and a cool ice-cream for afternoon tea. For those who want a sit-down meal, South Bank Surf Club and Southbank Beer Garden are offering special dining packages, available for booking now.

River Quay

Easily one of South Bank’s most popular destinations, River Quay is the perfect spot for Riverfire viewing. Patrons can arrive early in the day and while the time away with a picnic, or you can book into one of the River Quay restaurants (Stokehouse Q, Popolo, River Quay Fish, Aquitaine and The Jetty South Bank) for an evening meal.

The Wheel of BrisbaneRiverfire South Bank turning 20

Our famous Wheel will keep turning on Riverfire night, offering you the chance to check out the show from within – private gondolas are available for hire for family and friends.

To see where all of the above locations are, check out the official South Bank map. 

Essential information

The art to enjoying a hassle-free experience involves schooling up on essential information before you attend. Read on for details on what not to bring, how to access the event and more.

Getting in and what not to bring

South Bank is open daily from 5am until midnight. On Riverfire day, the Parklands will be fenced off for safety reasons, with security conducting bag checks upon entry from 9am onwards. As part of these checks, security will be confiscating the following prohibited items: alcohol (the Parklands is entirely alcohol-free on the night, unless you’re in a designated restaurant or bar area); drink bottles with broken seals (including bottles of water or soft drink); scooters, bikes, pets, glass, marquees, and any large, portable structures. If you’re unsure about whether to bring something, call the South Bank Visitor Information and Booking Centre on 07 3156 6366 or email them at vicsouthbank@brisbanemarketing.com.au.

Eat and drink

The restaurants mentioned above offer the best views of the fireworks, but if it’s a pre or post-show drink you’re after, check out your options on our Eat + Drink page. If you’re looking for simple grab-and-go fare (such as hot chips), head to South Bank’s Central Cafes or the pop-up food stalls at the Cultural Forecourt. Patrons are also welcome to bring their own picnic food, snacks and water (in sealed bottles only) on the day.

Parking and public transport

South Bank has several car parks – check out details and pricing in our parking page. You can also park in the city and walk over (South Bank is about a 20-minute walk from the CBD) or catch public transport. For a list of road closures on the day as well as information about aquatic flag applications, head to Brisbane Festival’s website. 


South Bank is proud to be an accessible venue – the Parklands has disabled car parks, a beach shower and changing room with a hoist and more to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit. Head to our accessibility page for all of the details.