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October Real Estate Market Update

Real Estate Market Update

October Real Estate Market Update. Hello everyone, my name is Allie Coutts from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate and I’m doing the October roundup for sales that settled in October for our 4053 postcodes.

We’ll start with McDowall, there were just four properties that settled in McDowall in October and the highest of which was the one in Gielgud Street for $747,000.

For Stafford Heights, there were 7 properties that settled in October, 24 available. The highest of which was $631, 500 and that was the one in Caratel Street and $620, 000 for that property in Amott Street. In Stafford also 7 properties settled in October, 51 available and ranged from the high $860, 000 Gamelin Circuit, round to the low $200k for those units have settled.

For Everton Park that wins the competition, 11 properties settled in October, 92 available. The most impressive one is that large plot of land in Pullen Road which settled $1,200,000 and I then a lot of properties in the mid-fives up to 600, 000 thousand that settled in Everton Park. So that’s our market roundup for October. I hope to speak to you next month.


Highest Sale Price: - $747,000Lowest Sale Price: - $362,000
Properties Sold: -  4Properties on the Market: - 46


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
22 Gielgud Cr532834$747,000
4 Jagger St522556$705,000
6/195 Old Northern Rd311567$362,000
18 Brando St311771not disc



Highest Sale Price: - $631,500Lowest Sale Price: - $295,000
Properties Sold: -  7Properties on the Market: - 24


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
28 Caratel St422683$631,500
32 Amott St312607$620,000
108 Niven St312567$575,000
28 Sedgemoor St213650$565,000
46 Sedgemoor312559$518,000


Highest Sale Price: - $877,000Lowest Sale Price: - $276,000
Properties Sold:- 7Properties on the Market:-  51


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
38 Gamelin Cr312607$660,000
11 Bertram St312708$645,500
1/43 Collier St211101$345,000
5/195 Webster Rd211-$274,000
542 Webster Rd311607not disc


Highest Sale Price: - $1,200,000Lowest Sale Price:- $316,000
Properties Sold:-  11Properties on the Market:- 92


AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
73 Pullen Rd5224437$1,200,000
25 Deakin St422405$810,000
65 Fallon St311607$657,000
784 South Pine Rd521599$641,000
42 Hornby St322615$618,000

Everton House Story

An important but almost forgotten part of our area's history and that of Brisbane’s in general looks set to be demolished and replaced with townhouses.

Brisbane City Council recently granted planning permission for Everton House at 19 Dargie Street to be demolished and replaced with 20 townhouses and parking for 30 resident's cars despite local community objections.

The large property, now owned by classical guitar virtuoso Karin Schaup, was built by Sir Leon and Lady Peggy Trout more than 50 years ago and became a focus of the art scene in Brisbane and home to one of the best private art collections in Australia.

Leon Trout was born in Redhill in Brisbane in 1906 and became a solicitor and accountant and founded one of Brisbane's leading law firms at the time. He was a highly successful and community-minded person who took up many leadership roles in Brisbane businesses and community organisations.

His interest in art began at school when he bought his first print and he went on to become the founding president of the Queensland National Gallery Society and is credited with playing an important role in the relocation of the Art Gallery to its present location.

Sir Leon and Lady Peggy were particularly fond of the works of John Russell and Charles Conder with works by Russell filling one gallery in their home and those by Conder occupying three rooms. They were also avid collectors of works by artists from the Heidelberg School by such artists as Frederik McCubbin, Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton and of portraiture by William Dargie, William Dobell and many others.

Alert readers will have noticed that many of the artist's names are reflected in street names in the area which is due to the fact that the couple sold off parts of their property as the Trouts Estate development and named the streets after their favourites. They were determined to maintain the up-market nature of the area so the plots were sold under a covenant.

This stipulated that the houses built on the properties had to be of a minimum size, that they had to be brick and that no front fences would be permitted. To maintain the country club feel of the development, Sir Leon decreed that power would be provided via an underground cable which accounts for the clean uncluttered look of the area to this day.

During their lifetimes the couple made substantial donations to the Queensland Art Gallery but the balance of their collection was sold by Christie's auctioneers on June 6 & 7, 1989 after the death of Lady Peggy who had survived Sir Leon by 10 years.

An article in the Sunday Mail later that month recorded that the Queensland      Art Gallery had spent $1.9-million at the sale buying items for its collection including a portrait of Sir Leon by William Dobell and one of Lady Peggy by William Dargie. Top price at the auction was $700,000 paid by another buyer for a John Russell picture.

And so ended an era in which the couple had made a major impact on Brisbane Society. Their home came to house, for a while at least, one of the finest art collections in Australia and was undoubtedly visited by the cream of Brisbane Society and visitors to the city.

The North West News reported earlier this year that the Trouts Estate Community Action Group has been campaigning to save limit the density of the development at the Everton House site to less than the 20 units approved for the site.

Mary Di Marco was responsible for much of the research that went into this article and she feels that, while one has to move with the times, it would be very sad to forget the contribution made by Sir Leon and Lady Peggy. After all, the results of their vision and enterprise can still be seen be seen all around us and parts of their art collection still grace our city's art gallery.

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What would you like to see from this election?

With the 2017 State election set down for November 25, we are already half way through the campaign.

So what does that mean for the local area.

Queensland is divided into 93 state electoral districts. In a state government election you are voting for a representative who will make decisions and choices about issues that affect all Queensland residents. Some would argue that the State governments are the most important in delivering the day to day services that we all need and enjoy. Some of the responsibilities of state government representatives include:

  • health, ambulance and hospital services
  • employment and education services
  • transport, planning and infrastructure
  • tourism, events and the arts
  • rural and regional development
  • family and community support and development services.

There are 3 electorates in our region Aspley, Everton  and Stafford

Tracey Davis is the sitting member for the LNP in Aspley, Tim Mander is the LNP member for Everton and Dr Anthony Lynham the Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural resources and Mines is the sitting member for the ALP in Stafford.Everton Park election

We have seen some promises being made with $10M being made available for the refurbishment and upgrade of the 30 year old Everton Park High School.  This is a welcome injection into a school at only a few years ago was set to be closed.

Whilst last week both major parties announced that $26m would be made available to ease congestion at the South Pine and Stafford Rd intersection.  The plan is to build a new link road from Stafford Rd to South Pine Rd just to the east of the old Masters building.  The land is already available so it just needs to be done.

For anyone that travels through this intersection you know only too well how slow it can be, so Village Buzz is pleased that finally something might be done here.

During an election campaign it seems that the politicians or want to be politicians start to listen to what the people are saying, so lets record all of your good ideas and see if we can get some common sense to prevail.


Tell us what you would like to see happen in our local areas.

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Are you sitting on a Splitter Gold Mine?

Splitter blocks brisbane

Splitter blocks are once again becoming popular as investors try to get the most bang out of their buck or you may be already sitting on a goldmine if your existing property can be split.


The term splitter block applies to properties where: there are two or more lots on one title.

A recent example was a Fallon Street, property at Everton Park.  It was a 1225 square-metre block, already on two titles but with the option to reconfigure to three titles, it created a frenzy when it was listed.

The listing agent said, "It went nuts. I can’t give you an exact sale price as it’s not unconditional yet, but I can tell you it went for over $1 million,” he says.

The inner city Brisbane suburbs such as Newmarket, Wavell Heights, Nundah, Virginia, Bald Hills, Deagon, Sandgate, Banyo, Boondall, Northgate, Mitchelton, Enoggera have been popular spitter block locations over the last decade.

These inner city suburbs in Brisbane typically are lots of 10m by 40m or 405sqm so if your property is 809 or higher you may find it is already split into two lots and you don’t have to worry about spending money on subdivision approvals or waiting for the approvals to be processed.

There is a downside like the need to demolish or move an existing house and in some cases the house may be heritage listed or in a demolition controlled zone.

As soon the lot has been split into the two titles the site is cleared and two new houses can start construction.

Splitters are where investors take advantage of old town planning methods. In the 60?s and 70?s around Australia, most residential blocks were subdivided at a ¼ acre or 1000m2. Today Local, State and Federal  Governments all know the value of a more dense population. Governments save billions of dollars in infrastructure by encouraging the community to live closer together. They even encourage the development of smaller blocks of land today that are in some cases less than 250m2.

When developing splitter blocks in Brisbane there is a lot of things you need to consider:

Below is the process we go through to determine if the project is viable when splitting a block for development.

To determine the costings of a splitter block you need to look at:

  • Cost of the site
  • Demolition approval
  • Demolition costs
  • Services (Server and water)
  • Location of services on the block
  • Other associated development costs
  • Transfer and legal costs
  • Subdivision costs (e.g. civil design, town planning, public notices, council fees and any council contributions).
  • Building construction costs
  • Associated site costs (Leveling and retaining)
  • Marketing on finished products

If all the figures add up to a profitable project….an educated decision can be made.

After identifying the block could be suitable as a splitter block, we check:

  • The demolition control Precinct (DCP) if the house is built pre 1946
  • if the block is on the flood map or any overland flow issues.
  • Dimensions of the block and if it is suitable for sub division into a splitter block

and then run through the costing of the project.

Do you have any questions about splitter blocks and or sub division in Brisbane or surrounding areas? Don't hesitate to call our the team at Madeleine Hicks Real Estate who know all about the best areas to acquire splitter blocks in our area.



Tim Mander, State Member for Everton would like to advise that safety improvement works will soon commence at the intersection of South Pine Road and Pullen Road, Everton Park.

Mr Mander said, “These works are being undertaken to improve road safety for all road users by decreasing the risk of collision at the intersection”.

“The works will commence early next month and be completed by May 2018,” he said.

Work will include:

  • increasing the storage length of the right turn lane from South Pine Road into Pullen Road
  • upgrading the pedestrian island on Pullen Road
  • upgrading the pram ramps, and marking the pedestrian crossing
  • correctly aligning the centre median on the southern side of the intersection
  • replacing the storm-water grate near the left turn lane on Pullen Road with a cycle-friendly grate

The Department has advised that although every effort will be made to reduce impacts, residents may experience minor construction noise.

To minimise traffic disruptions, the work will be carried out at between 7 pm and 5 am, Sunday to Thursday. Reduced speed limits will apply during these times.

“I appreciate the frustration for residents as this roadwork is done but these repairs are necessary for the ongoing safety of motorists,” Mr Mander said.

Mr Mander reminds motorists to drive safely and be mindful of road workers and traffic control while the work is in progress.

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Suncorp blacklists your suburb!


Big banks are set to announce tougher measures to crack down on high rise apartment purchases including blacklisting more than 100 Brisbane suburbs, doubling the minimum apartment size to qualify for funding, evidence of rental cash flows and tough new valuation criteria.

Lenders such as Adelaide Bank are introducing "minimum funding requirements" requiring apartments to have their own bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and windows in key rooms, such as bedrooms and lounge rooms.

Others, such as Suncorp Bank, the nation's fifth largest mortgage lender, are circulating a list of 39 Brisbane postcodes covering more than 100 city and metropolitan suburbs where the new lending restrictions will apply from next Monday.

"Our settings have been adjusted for postcodes based on recent weakness in the investment unit market in Brisbane, with evidence of a reduction in prices," a Suncorp Bank spokesman said.

suncorp restricts lending to local suburbs

McDowall and Everton Parks No 1 rated real estate agent Madeleine Hicks said "suburbs like McDowall, Stafford, and Everton Park, are really a victim of what has been happening in neighboring suburbs Chermside and Nundah.  A lot of units have been built in those suburbs and we are paying the price"


"Whilst there has been some unit development in our main suburbs it has been nothing compared to our neighbors," said Hicks.

Nervous lenders are turning the screws on apartment buyers amid growing concerns about over-supply, falling prices, restrictions on foreign buyers and potential risk from combustible cladding widely used on high rise apartment exteriors.

For example, new apartment sales in the Queensland capital have reportedly collapsed by more than 70 percent in a year, prompting desperate developers to offer lucrative incentives to attract buyers.

Developers, such as Consolidated Properties, claim Brisbane has been cruelled by restrictions on financing set up to ease speculative buying in Melbourne and Sydney.

Other developers, such as ForceOne Development, have been using incentives like a free Toyota Yaris to encourage apartment sales.

AdelaideBank, a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, will today (Wed) announce stricter controls on apartment lending that include bigger sizes, better design, identifiable cash flows for investor/lands and more stringent calculations of a borrowers' capacity to repay.

 On the Plus side

"Now presents a great opportunity for cashed-up investors to get into the growing Brisbane market and take advantage of bargains that exist.  We know that the population in Brisbane will continue to increase and that will mean there will always be strong demand for homes in the inner suburbs," said Madeleine Hicks

In fact, Ms. Hicks called for "greater investment in infrastructure in the Stafford, McDowall and Everton Park suburbs to better reflect the increase in population that is moving into these suburbs.  This only seems fair as the Council is collecting greater revenues but not spending the money here."

The Minimum requirements for high-density apartments to obtain funding include windows in bedrooms and living rooms, separate bathrooms, and their own laundries and kitchens. High-density apartments are complexes of more than 50 units or five stories.

Minimum sizes for two bedroom apartments have been doubled to 60 square meters and timeframes for off-the-plan valuations have been reduced from six to three months to "better the risk" and "align acceptance of applications and valuers' professional indemnity cover".

Last month Australia and New Zealand Bank also issued a blacklist imposing tougher terms requiring borrowers to have a 20 percent deposit.

The value of apartments has fallen by about 1 percent in Brisbane during the past 12 months, according to SQM Research, which monitors property prices.

Several recent reports by independent consultants have warned demand will be exceeded by the estimated supply of new apartments in Brisbane, which will add to downward pressure on prices.

There is also growing investor concern about the outcome of current investigations into the widespread use of inflammable cladding on apartments, particularly who will be liable for its replacement.

 Under Suncorp's new rules, it will no longer accept investment loan applications for apartments that do not have a minimum deposit of at least 20 percent.

What do you think are the banks right to restrict lending in certain suburbs only?

Source Brisbane Investor

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September Real Estate Market Update

Hello, I’m Mary Di Marco from Madeleine Hicks real estate and I’d like to bring you the market roundup for September 2017 in the areas in which we predominate McDowall, Stafford Heights, Stafford and Everton Park.

In McDowall in September, there were 36 properties available to purchase of 5 properties sold. The highest price for a property was $585,000 which was 11 Peppard Street in McDowall and the lowest price was for a three-bedroom townhouse in Old Northern Road which sold for $365,000.

The low number of properties sold doesn’t mean that those properties aren’t popular. A lot of properties available in McDowall can be townhouses and sometimes there isn’t as big a demand for them.

Stafford Heights is the next suburb that I’d like to talk to you about, there were 23 properties available for sale of which 3 sold. The property at 49 Normanton Streets sold for $820,000, which is a fabulous price. It was a larger block over a thousand square meters. The lowest price sold was for a property at 83 Ringrose Street and that went for $535,000 dollars. It’s interesting that the properties in Stafford Heights are not being picked up by buyers as readily as some of the other suburbs. It could be the prices being asked aren’t considered to be of value to the buyers.

Stafford is a fabulous suburb, it has a lot of the post-war homes that were built as part of War Service. The highest price paid was for a home at 61 Appleby Road. This is a major road, however, this property would have had city views. It was on a 620 square meter block, however, it did sell for $877,000. There were 49 homes available for purchase in Stafford in September of which only 8 sold. The lowest price paid for the property was at 105 Jardine Street, which sold for $605,000. These are still very good prices in an older suburb that gives you easy access because it has all the amenities to the city and also there are good schools and hospitals around the area as well as good shopping centres.

My favorite suburb is Everton Park. I’ve lived there for a long time. The number of properties that were available for purchase in Everton Park in September was 75 of which 16 sold. Again these numbers can be a little bit deceptive. The number of units and townhouses available do skew these figures. The highest price paid for a property was at 9 Guinness Street at Everton Park. It sold for $641,000. The home at 19 Murch Street I listed and sold within a week and I had 3 offers on that property. It sold for $620,000 so good properties well presented will sell readily and there are buyers queuing up for them.

The market at the moment is very interesting. It’s a bit skittish at times due to indications that the property market is going up or coming down. The figures that are being presented by newspapers and banks and financial advisors are three months behind what the actual market is. If you see a property that you like, put in your offers, don’t miss out on it for a couple of thousand dollars. Put in your best offer, if someone else buys it for something above that price you won’t be upset because you didn’t miss out on it. You wouldn’t have paid that price.

I’d like to tell you about a fabulous property I’ve got at 17 Constancia Street Mitchelton. It’s on 1120m2 block. City views fabulously kept the family home. Post-war brick base chamber board and the property is just ripe for renovation. There are lots of new builds coming up.

If you looking for something very special whether you want to land bank the property or if you just want to buy a fabulous family home call me 0438 054227. I’m Mary DiMarco from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate.



Highest Sale Price: - $585,000Lowest Sale Price: - $362,000
Properties Sold: -  5Properties on the Market: - 36
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
11 Peppard St322613$585,000
4 Rafferty St432547not disc
51 Benning Pl422495$600,000
12 Paramount Cir412683$550,000
6/195 Old Northern Rd311576$362,000



Highest Sale Price: - $820,000Lowest Sale Price: - $535,000
Properties Sold: -  3Properties on the Market: - 23
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
49 Normanton St5121108$820,000
83 Ringrose St311647$535,000
124 Wilgarning St412612not disc



Highest Sale Price: - $877,000Lowest Sale Price: - $456,000
Properties Sold:- 8Properties on the Market:-  49
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
61 Appleby Rd634620$877,000
53 Barokee St322653$716,000
16 Canonbar St312632$672,000
14 Tathra St311610$643,500
105 Jardine St311607$605,000



Highest Sale Price: - $641,000Lowest Sale Price:- $325,000
Properties Sold:-  16Properties on the Market:- 75
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
9 Guinness St422577$641,000
19 Murch St521610$620,000
4 Cayley St322584$590,000
23 Venning St321135$567,000
42 Mountridge St312607$540,000
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“Don’t renovate before selling” warns leading local agent

Madeleine Hicks Says Renovation properties available in Stafford and Everton Park

THE demand for fixer-uppers in Brisbane is so strong, property experts are warning homeowners about the risk of renovating before they list.

Madeleine Hicks from Madeleine Hicks Real Estate at Everton Park said, "we are seeing buyers looking for homes that they can do up.  Especially the older style timber properties that we have in abundance in Stafford and Everton Park."

"Buyers are loving the larger blocks that we have as well as the great city views" Hicks said.

SQM Research managing director Louis Christopher said too often people splash too much cash jazzing up their homes for a big sale.

“In a downturn, buyers will not value the renovations as much as the homeowner,” Mr Christopher said.

“We know the market will penalise over-capitalisation.”

Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker.

Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker. Picture: Mike Batterham

Star of Foxtel’s new show Love It or List It and design guru Neale Whitaker agrees, adding the decision to sell or renovate a property demanded thought and research.

“Be careful about overcapitalising,” Whitaker said.

“Have a look at similar properties that are unrenovated like yours in your area and see what they’re going for – and the type yours would be like after a renovation and what they’re going for.

“(Then) work out whether it’s worth doing because, let’s face it, even the most basic renovation is costly.

Even the most basic renovations are costly.

Even the most basic renovations are costly.

“But if you are torn, look at the potential resale value of the house as opposed to the property you would be thinking of buying and whether that’s a realistic transaction – and also the value that could be potentially added to your home.”

Whitaker said the majority of homeowners who decide to stay and renovate want to create more space.

“If they’ve been living somewhere for a long time, they stop realising the potential under their nose but with careful planning they can create the space they need,” he said.

“On the show we came across rooms that were completely redundant – one room was completely occupied by a cat – people get used to living a certain way.”

Renovations are booming in Brisbane’s inner-ring including Albion, Stafford, Alderley and Everton Park, with building renovations and carpentry the most popular, according to Australia’s largest network of trades professionals, hipages.com.au.

The data also showed bathroom and kitchen upgrades were a high priority with homeowners.


Mr Christopher said homeowners could renovate their property on a budget, sell it and upgrade to a better property for themselves.

“There are more buyers and freestanding houses in the marketplace,” he said.

“I don’t think we are in a market that is going to value one’s renovations all too well.”

Mr Christopher said Brisbane’s property market had improved however added “the pendulum is in the middle”.

“We are seeing more interstate migrations to Brisbane because of the price difference,” he said.

Love It Or List co-host Andrew Winter advised buyers to have realistic expectations when selling their property.

“Don’t expect to sell easily,” Winter said. “Never believe that your house will sell for more than market value, it can happen but generally it won’t.”

He said to avoid seller’s remorse it was important to hang on to your property if your financial situation allowed.

If you are thinking about making a move in property talk to the team at Madeleine Hicks Real Estate first.  They know the North West because it is their backyard.


Everton Park State High School End of Term 3 Report


19 September 2017

Everton Park State High School is now quiet after a busy third term and everyone is having a well-deserved two week break. Village Buzz visited the school shortly before term finished and met with Acting Principal Peter Turner and get an update on some of the highlights of the term.
The first item of news is that Ms Sue Wallace will return as Principal in Term 4 after taking long service and study leave to complete her Masters of Education (Leadership and Management). Mr Turner will return to his former post as Deputy Principal at Wavell State High School.


Hard at work on the school’s new STEAM lab and art space.

During my tour of the school I saw that work on a brand-new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) lab and art space was well underway and expected to be completed in October. The facility includes a large area for pupils to build and program robots and another to complete and store art projects including a semi-enclosed area for painting and sculpture which will be easy to wash out if things get messy – as I am sure they will.

Also included is an area for filming video in front of a green screen which will allow pupils to add their own backgrounds to videos they make as part of their school work. One interesting provision in the new complex is an office for an artist in residence who will be on hand to mentor the pupils with their various art projects.

I also paid a brief visit to the STEM classrooms where pupils were busily engaged in learning coding and I was shown the storeroom where all components for the robotics projects are kept. There was even a radio-controlled drone which had been built by pupils. School certainly has got a lot more interesting since my time.


Other term highlights


Grade 7 EPSHS students demonstrate robot technology to visitors from junior schools in the area.

In the lead-up to the holidays, EPSHS hosted pupils from junior schools in the area at a STEM day. Current year 7 students went out of their way to introduce the subjects to the younger students. I am sure the robots would have been among the visitors’ favourites on the day.

The school’s concrete games courts had been in an atrocious state of repair with grass growing through the many cracks but these have now been resurfaced in an attractive shade of blue Synpave and are ready for competition to resume.

Hayley Schafe, Year 12, won the Zonta Pine Rivers Young Women in Public Affairs Award for 2017 and is up for consideration for the Zonta International Award.

Shaun Litte, Year 10, competed in the Australian Schools Cross Country Championships in Hobart in August and came 15th in the country.

Three new flagpoles now grace the front of the school to fly the Australian, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander flags. The poles were purchased and installed with funds raised by the Student Representative Council.

After years of campaigning the school finally has a 40kmh traffic calming zone implemented outside in Stafford Road which will add greatly to the safety of pupils, staff and visitors to the school.


Newly resurfaced concrete playing courts at the school.


Story by Allan Jackson

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August Real Estate Market Update

Real Estate market wrap by madeleine hicks real estate

Hey guys its Hayden from Madeleine Hicks real estate. It’s time for this month's market roundup McDowall had a quiet month with only 3 properties being sold 8 Macnee Street got the highest price of $720,000. Stafford Heights had a steady month with 5 properties being sold with the highest being 20 Broula Street which sold for $605,000. Stafford on the other hands prices may be on the rise with 7 properties being sold the highest being 5 Tathra Street which sold $690,000 and Everton Park takes the cake yet again with 11 properties being sold 28 Dargie Street had the highest price of $751,000.

You’ve may have noticed some recent roadworks in the local area as well as the traffic lights on Hamilton Road and Beckett Road being earmarked for improvement which will hopefully improve traffic flow in the area

Remember guys we are now in a magpie season so if you are out walking or riding don’t forget your trusty helmet we can twist their zip ties if you have thinking about selling or buying call me now I’m Hayden Owens


Highest Sale Price: - $587,000Lowest Sale Price: - $310,000
Properties Sold: -  3Properties on the Market: - 23
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
64 Beckett Rd523720$587,000
44 Hoffman Rd312668$523,000
106 Paramount Ct432700$310,000


Highest Sale Price: - $820,000Lowest Sale Price: - $525,000
Properties Sold: -  7Properties on the Market: - 26
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
49 Normanton St5121108$820,000
20 Broula St312650$605,000
7 Geary St322657$560,000
61 Ringrose St311647$550,000
47 Flockton St312620$545,000


Highest Sale Price: - $877,000Lowest Sale Price: - $297,500
Properties Sold:- 9Properties on the Market:-  52
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
61 Appleby Rd634620$877,000
53 Barokee St322653$716,000
16 Canonbar St312632$672,000
92 Rueben St312410$570,000
28 Ryena St311607$500,000


Highest Sale Price: - $751,000Lowest Sale Price:- $320,000
Properties Sold:-  18Properties on the Market:- 81
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
28 Dargie St422746$751,000
6 Jadmar St312604$600,000
80 Griffith St322607$600,900
21 Venning St421404$580,000
11 Reedan St312607$555,500